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Add TWIST or SHIFT ("however")

Example: In Jennifer Prices essay "The Plastic Pink Flamingo" Price uses allusions to popular culture, scientific evidence, and metaphorical diction to prove that United States culture in the 1950s sensationalized luxury through extravagance;
however, the examples provided insinuate Price's mocking tone criticizing U.S.

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Writing a Synthesis Essay -- Body Paragraphs and Sources

Add the SUBJECT + VERB "argues"
Example: In George Orwell's quotation on the decline of political writing post WWII,
Orwell argues...
5-Point Thesis Statement (QUOTATION)
4-Point Thesis Statement (SYNTHESIS)
Determine the ISSUES REGARDING THE SHARED TOPIC, then argue, refute, or qualify using EVIDENCE FROM THE TEXTS to develop your argument(s):


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Add the Rhetorical Device(s):
Example: In Jennifer Prices essay "The Plastic Pink Flamingo", Price uses
allusions, evidence, and diction...
The 7-Point Thesis Statement (ANALYSIS)
4-Point Thesis

5-Point Thesis

5-Point Thesis Statement (QUOTATION)
Determine the AUTHOR'S ARGUMENT, then ARGUE, REFUTE, or QUALIFY citing a UNIVERSAL IDEA to frame your ARGUMENT(s):
(5 point process)


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