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On one hand, trees are very essential to be planted in metropolitan cities because people living urban areas hardly get the essence of rural area. Trees are the symbol of heathly environment and produce oxygen so, having more trees in your city will not only eliminate the health related issues but also improves the physical outlook of the city. Secondly, planting trees will bring wildlife environment to survive in city and produces a ecosystem of a city. Moreover, green belt creates a positive effect on the urban life as well as it lowers the temperature. Furthermore, noise pollution will be diminish by planting more trees, it can make the living environment more pleasant and soothing.
On the other hand, growth is also very important building more houses means inviting more people to your area and increasing the population. Building houses can provide shelter which will fulfill the basic requirements of living beings. Secondly, urban areas easily get dense so the priority should be given to build proper housing scheme than constructing parks and losing valuable space. Because without homes, people can become homeless and frustrated which might lead to a detrimental of communities and cities. Moreover, housing is also very important for any country which is hoping to develop its economy as workers and labors should have access to affordable homes.
All in all, I’m more concerned over human health as it is well said that “health is a wealth”. If we have healthy environment we can eventually grow. So, planting more trees will increase our growth as it can provide us a better and healthy environment.

The world is full of challenges. And the first step to change is to become aware!

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Trees can do all this withoutbeing cut down. They are very important to our world today.

Trees are essential to music! Musical instrument trees or tone-woods provide some of the most valuable timber in the forest products industry. Trees used to make musical instruments come from different types of forests - tropical, temperate and boreal - from all over the world. Current research has shown that there over 200 tree species used to make popular musical instruments, with over 70 of these species included in the World Conservation Union (IUCN) 2000 Red List of globally threatened trees.

Without trees there would be erosion, polluted water wich is very dangerous and life its self would end!Everyone world-wide can help!

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This system can bring economic advantages to the world and have a greater exploitation towards environment resources and causing lesser conservation of nature.

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Who Is being Affected By This?
What would happen?
By Ruby V.S And Stephanie Dias
Well, first off with out any trees our world may turn out to be like Easter Island!

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If you often get caught in the rain without an umbrella this next consequence may seem appealing at first: removing trees might reduce rainfall. Lands would quickly dry out as less moisture is returned to the atmosphere, a crucial role of trees in the water cycle. A study in 2012, for example, found that by 2050 destruction of tropical rainforests would reduce rain across the Amazon basin by up to 21% in the dry season (). It could also drive significant and widespread shifts in rainfall distribution, affecting agriculture locally and further afield. Without trees we would not only live in a world of widespread drought, but we would likely be exposed to more frequent extreme weather events such as flooding, when it does rain. In which case, our natural, resilient safety buffer would not be there to lessen the blow.

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Discuss the importance of areas like the Amazon forests as oxygen suppliers. But every plant helps. Discuss the rates of deforestation around the world. Discuss how we all can adjust the things we do in every day life to reduce the amount of forests cut down. Ask for suggestions. Recycling, using less, planting trees. Follow up the session, at a later date, with another to grow a personal oxygen supply (i.e. trees).

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Trees of the fragrant forest,
With leaves of green unfurled,
Through summer's heat, through winter's cold,
What do you do for our world?