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A world where news travelled slowly

Obviously, Jerusalem can't stand as capital of two states,and if the Palestinians persist in their drive to declare a sovereignPalestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, they are headedon a collision course that will embroil Israel and the Moslemworld in a future war.

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The reader may pose the following: "Since the Temple Mounthas already been conquered from the hands of the enemy, thereis no longer a commandment to conquer the area." In otherwords, the impurity of the soldiers who conquered the Mount duringthe Six-Day War was nullified as is the impurity of the soldiersand police who continue to guard it, but an ordinary Jew, notin uniform, will not be fulfilling the commandment of conquestsimply by entering the Mount.

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Furthermore, the Moslem world fully understands the Westernconcept of compromise to achieve peace, and that peace is preferredto war. This is not the case in the Moslem world, and they seeour desire to compromise as a weakness.

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Islam defines the world into two parts, the "Dar es-Salaam,"the "House of Peace;" and the "Dar el-Gharb,"the "House of War." All non-Moslems, including Israel,Jews, Christians and the Western world, are in the House of War,and therefore outside the realm of reconciliation with the Islamic,House of Peace.

A world where news travelled slowly ..

One priest, who received from Titus a promise under oath thathe would be saved on condition that he would remove the Holy valuables,gave two Menorot that were similar to those placed in the Temple,tables, chalices and bars, all made from pure gold and very heavy,and also the curtains and the robes of the High Priest, togetherwith precious stones and many ancillary vessels, which were usedfor the work in the Temple. The treasurer of the Temple, Pinchas,was also taken prisoner and he gave to the Romans the cloths andthe robes and much purple and scarlet cloth that was depositedthere for safety for the purpose of repairing the curtains, togetherwith a tremendous amount of other forms of incense, that the priestsmixed together and offered as incense every day to the Lord, andmany other valuable articles, including holy decorations. As aresult, he was awarded an amnesty intended for those fleeing,despite the fact that he was forcibly captured.

A world where news travelled slowly essay

At the beginning of the period of the Second Temple, the moneywas used for current expenditures for the needs of the Templeand surpluses had not yet accumulated. Not only this, but thebuilding of the Temple was only enabled as a result of massivesupport from the Persian government, when Coresh and afterwardsDaryavesh and Artachshasta allocated tremendous amounts of moneyto the construction of the Temple and the safeguarding of thecurrent work in it.

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A Jerusalem convention of the movement in September drew anenthusiastic crowd of 1,000, double last year's turnout. Musiciansin biblical costumes coaxed wailing sounds from silvered trumpetslike those played at ceremonies in the ancient Jewish Temple beforeit was razed by Roman soldiers. A large oil painting depicteda fantasy scene of modern Jewish pilgrims filing out of tour busesinto a new shrine. Experts who track extremist groups warn thatthe movement's growing popularity could encourage violence. Israelipolice reportedly beefed up their watch over the Temple Mountrecently amid warnings that Jewish militants were plotting attackson Muslims worshipers. The slightest confrontation could triggerviolence at the spot, known to Muslims as Haram as-Sharif, orNoble Sanctuary. When rumors spread one day in October 1990 amongMuslims that Solomon and his followers planned to take over themosque compound, riots erupted among Palestinians. Israeli policestormed the site and killed 17 Palestinians. Sheik Ahmed Yassin-- leader of Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement -- predictedthat an attempt by Jewish militants to seize control of the Islamicshrines would lead to a blood bath.