Virginia Woolf was my first introduction to feminist type books.

In this sense, Virgina Woolf's essay A Room of One's Own can be called a revolution.

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Dalloway Virginia Woolf's method to writing fiction was always to "dig out beautiful caves1" behind, within, and around her characters - to tunnel through their consciousness in order to tell their story as artfully as one tells his or her own. It is her "tunneling" process that makes her style so distinctive: her sentences layered with multiple meanings, her paragraphs rich with stream-of-consciousness internal monologue, and her dialogue sparse. Clearly, she had few qualms about taking the modern novel's all-too-common, linear form of storytelling and turning it upside down in order to dig through to its core - its very essence - and fi...

Dalloway was written by Virginia Woolf in 1925, and closely relates to her own life.

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The purpose of this essay is to show how Virginia Woolf has successfully presented the inner mind of the characters, their struggle and their communication through the least amount of verbal communication among them....

Dalloway’, by Virginia Woolf is a derivative text of ‘The Hours’, written by Michael Cunningham.

In Virginia Woolf’s “The Death of the Moth”, she writes about a moth flying about a windowpane, its world constrained by the boundaries of the wood holding the glass.

In the case of Virginia Woolf, the effect of bipolar disorder on her writing is twofold.

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In Virgina Woolf’s third chapter of her essay “A Room of One’s Own,” Woolf addresses the plight of the woman writer, specifically during the Elizabethan time period of England.

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(UK 1953) The public's first access to Woolf's diaries came in this heavilyedited selection of diary entries concerning writing or particular worksWoolf was writing.

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In the essay, Woolf critiques this fact by taking the reader on a journey through a day in the life at a fictional university to prove that although women are capable of critical thought and want to write great works of literature, they are unable to for lack of means....

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After her death Virginia Woolf began suffering from more severe depression and manic episodes that would stay with her intermittently for the rest of her life....

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Critically, "the essay became a key document, not onlyin the assessment of Virginia Woolf’s work, but in relation totwentieth-century fiction generally" ( 17).

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The hopelessness of such a situation is depicted in “The Death of the Moth” by Virginia Woolf, in which the moth incessantly endeavors to overcome the irresolvable dilemma of breaking through the barriers that contain it and visit the outside world....

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