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If there is anyone in the community that citizens can trust it would be the police officers.

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Police officers are confronted with destructive and negative behavior on a regular basis.

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We created the product in part because we were frustrated by the options available to test takers who really wanted to do well on the Police Test.

For every person who wants to attend Pride there is a reason why it is still important.

God man, FUCK YOU. This is a billion-dollar franchise and you’re treating it like Uncle Pappy’s General Store? DIE. The guy who wrote this tripe goes on to list all the “family-owned” NFL teams, like they belong in the Smithsonian. That list (Fords, Browns, McCaskeys, Bidwills, Davises) reads like a case for upping the estate tax to 1,000 percent. Mike Brown is a loser who inherited his team from his old man and hasn’t won a goddamn thing. The man constantly whines about playing in a small market and wants the big boys to share with him even as he makes absolutely no effort to generate any local revenue. He is a liver-spotted turd.

These are the words most people think of when asked to describe a police officer.

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Two case studies that will be discussed are prejudice against female police officers by their male counterparts and racial prejudice against potential criminals....

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Police officers have to not be prejudiced against the citizens that they are trying to protect and serve the criminals that they must apprehend and also against each other.

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Pacman had a troubled youth but has turned his life around and just had one bad night, but nobody will listen because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Here’s a list of players on other teams who are 33-fucking-years-old and have been in jail 9 times for spitting on nurses and assaulting police officers. . .

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I’m a lifelong Bengals fan from the Cincinnati area who lives in Columbus now. I decided to join a friend for the 2015 playoff game against the Steelers because why not witness that dumpster fire in person? In the 3rd quarter, I stood in a bathroom line behind a fellow Bengals fan so drunk, he swayed back and forth, barely able to stay on his feet.

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Due to the difference in power between a citizen and a police officer, citizens often unknowingly, give up their constitutional rights when an officer acts tough or bullies them (Guidelines?1).

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Most people when confronted by police get mild to moderate panic reaction, can become nervous or anxious, and do as much as possible to limit the time spent with the officer.