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The poem focuses on two men who meet amongst a wall to stroll and make repairs.

How Wall Street's Gordon Gekko inspired a generation …

The USA rode history’s largest economic bubble in the decades after World War II. Energy use per capita skyrocketed, to peak in 1973, when the U.S. had its first energy crisis. It is no coincidence that U.S. wages peaked in the same year. Since peaking, energy use per capita has declined by about 6% and . The difference between the 6% and 10% is partly explained by the increasing economic disparity in America. As the pie has been shrinking, the rich and their servants have been devising ways to enlarge their disproportionate share. It began with moving the USA’s industrial capacity to low wage nations, which accelerated during the 1980s. The astronomical executive pay of recent years is only one symptom of this phenomenon, as is Bill Gates’s enjoying a net worth equivalent to the collective net worth of the poorest hundred million Americans (and the poorest half of humanity - which might be the most mind-boggling statistic of global capitalism).

The novel begins when the Corderos move into a new house on Mango Street in the Latino section of Chicago....

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Although the message of the importance of nature is depicted through the 2008 Pixar film about robots rather than living in the solitude of the woods, the views of Emerson and Thoreau can still be seen in the movie Wall-e....

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Wall Street (1987) — “Greed is Good.”

The 1980s were notorious for rampant homophobia on Wall Street, where traders routinely screamed “faggot” on the trading floor and a closeted culture prevailed throughout firms....

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details the events leading to the construction of the Berlin Wall, and the effects the wall and it's demise had on the people of Berlin, the other Eastern Bloc countries, and the rest of the world.

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The first main theme explained is the relations in Wall Street that are based on a culture of domination of staff members, their irresponsibility dealing with corporate America, and constant changes that occur during this process....

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Wall Street (1987/2010) (Insider trading)
Weekend at Bernie’s (1989) (Life insurance fraud)
Brubaker (Corrupt state prison system)
Legal Eagles (Fraud in professional art)
Marie (Whistleblower in state government)
Salvation (Religious fraud)
Witness (Police corruption)
Eight Men Out (Fraud in professional athletics)

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This is a story of a miserable wife, a young woman in anguish, stress surrounding her in the walls of her bedroom and under the control of her husband doctor, who had given her the treatment of isolation and rest.

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Boiler Room (Stockbroker fraud)
Wall Street (1987/2010) (Insider trading)
Duplicity (Employee fraud)
Firewall (Theft from employer)
Owing Mahowny (Theft from employer)
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (Corrupt business practice)
Shattered Glass (Journalism fraud)
Catch Me if You Can (Con artist – confidence & check fraud)
Michael Clayton (Legal profession fraud)
The Wolf of Wall Street (Securities fraud)
Lord of Wars (Global arms trade)
Antitrust (Monopolistic practices)
Lucky Numbers (Lottery fraud)
The Insider (Unsafe products/whistleblower)
Nixon (Political corruption)
Other People’s Money (Corporate fraud)
Backdraft (Corrupt firefighter)
Broken Trust (Judicial corruption)
Glengarry Glen Ross (Real estate fraud)
Rogue Trader (employee fraud)
The Fugitive (Medical fraud)
The Firm (Legal profession fraud)
Excessive Force (Police corruption)
Quiz Show (Corporate fraud)
Sneakers (Computer hackers)
Class Action (Unsafe products)