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Admissions is the process of applying to a college. Wake Forest is asking how going through the process has changed how you view yourself. An example of this might be writing a personal essay for your application and understanding a profound experience more fully in its relationship to you and how it affected you personally. Like, “the time I went to my band playing test unprepared taught me to not slack off, and then I wrote my application essay on it and realized that was what turned me into a better student and that’s why I learned to set deadlines” i.e. you learned something more from an experience by writing about it than you did by doing it. That’s a lame example, I just thought it up on the spot, but I hope you get what I mean.

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With the goal of educating and advancing the entire individual, Wake Forest University stands as the school of choice for a plethora of high school graduates, including myself.

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Wake Forest University outlines what sports marketing is, the skills necessary to effectively market sports, in addition they offer sources to supplement their article.

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To any accepted and registered student, Wake Forest University holds promise in its ability to allow any given student to express themselves and succeed, whether in classroom, in the community, on the field, etc.

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My aspirations are high, but even when it seems like they may come crashing from the sky, I hope Wake Forest will be there to help me push them right back into the endless sky.

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...hering for students or as a community project or fundraiser, knowing that Wake Forest University will be behind me is all a person could ask for.

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However, by failing, even though it may have not been my intention, I grew intellectually, which has resulted in me being the student that I am today, a student accepted and registered into Wake Forest University.