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Godot helps to give the two tramps in Waiting for Godot a sense of purpose.

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Beckett often focused on the idea of "the suffering of being." Most of the play deals with the fact that and are waiting for something to alleviate their boredom. Godot can be understood as one of the many things in life that people wait for.

There are numerous interpretation of Waiting for Godot and a few are described here:

* The stage directions for Waiting for Godot are: A crossroads.

This last theory is the one that I most readily accept, and the answer that Samuel Beckett, the author of the play, put forth when questioned about the meaning of his strange little piece....

And so, on the evidence of this volume, wouldthose of Samuel Beckett.”

Most of the time we attempt to distract ourselves from the issue and try desperately to bring some sort of meaning into our life while silently waiting for someone or something to come and give us an answer....

Robert Douglas-Fairhurst is “dazzled” by a monumental volume of Samuel Beckett's early letters.

Audio samples from most of these Beckett works can be heard.

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* Waiting for Godot was written in French in 1949.

14, 15 et 16 juin: Samuel Beckett et les quatre éléments.

Beckett is believed to have said that the name Godot comes from the French "godillot" meaning a military boot. Beckett fought in the war and so spending long periods of time waiting for messages to arrive would have been commonplace for him. The more common interpretation that it might mean "God" is almost certainly wrong. Beckett apparently stated that if he had meant "God," he would have written "God".

19: Samuel Beckett: Obra para cine y television. (pdf)

The concept of the passage of time leads to a general irony. Each minute spent waiting brings death one step closer to the characters and makes the arrival of Godot less likely. The passage of time is evidenced by the tree which has grown leaves, possibly indicating a change of seasons. Pozzo and Lucky are also transformed by time since Pozzo goes blind and Lucky mute.

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Though he found a publisher for the trilogy (Jerome Lindon at Editions de Minuit, who remained his French publisher for the rest of his life), the plays were more difficult to place. Miss Deschevaux-Dumesnil took them from producer to producer, a thankless route that the playwright once compared to giving the plays to a concierge. Then Roger Blin, the French actor and director, agreed to present one. He chose ''Godot'' over ''Eleutheria'' partly because it had fewer characters. At Beckett's behest, ''Eleutheria'' was never produced in his lifetime. It was only when ''Waiting for Godot'' was in rehearsal, with Beckett in attendance, that Blin fully realized the excitement of his discovery.

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Samuel Barclay Beckett was born in the comfortable Dublin suburb of Foxrock in 1906, on the 13th either of April, which was Good Friday that year, or else of May-he and his birth certificate always disagreed on this point....

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Religious interpretations posit Vladimir and Estragon as humanity waiting for the elusive return of a savior. An extension of this makes Pozzo into the Pope and Lucky into the faithful. The faithful are then viewed as a cipher of God cut short by human intolerance. The twisted tree can alternatively represent either the tree of death, the tree of life, the tree of Judas or the tree of knowledge.