What do violent video games do to someones mind.

Violent video games may have an affect on children depending on their age....

Don’t get me wrong, some video games show horrific acts of violence.

Here we will see more on the psychological and health effects of video games on children.

Negative Effects of Violent Video Games

One of the major difference between watching a violent movie and playing a violence based video game is that while watching the movie, we simply watch it as passive viewers.

On the other hand, are video games to blame at all for the increase of violence in kids.

Violence has gone up because of violent video games.

I am focusing on violent video games and how they affect juveniles because I feel that this issue needs to be looked at in the criminal justice community.

This is a concern because most of the popular video games contain violence.

We find that playing videogames can have various effects on the children, both positive as well as negative. Even though the children can benefit by increasing their dexterity and improving their reflexes, the cost of them losing out on their physical exercise and homework, as well as their becoming prone to violent acts, are way too much. It is important that the parents and the educators take up this problem seriously and enable certain rules and regulations that allow children to divide their time responsibly between playing videogames and completing their studies and other responsibilities.

Setting sales records, Violent Video Games (VVG) are now a common staple in many households.

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"It's not surprising that warmer and more restrictive parents, or what we call authoritative, are most effective at reducing the amount of violent video games played by their children," Laczniak said. "If parents are more anxious, their message is not as well received by their children and it inhibits what they're trying to do. It's pretty clear from our study that's what's happening with kids playing violent video games."

Sample Cause and Effect Essay on Video Games Influence of Children

Gentile & Anderson (2003) state that playing video games may increase aggressive behavior because violent acts are continually repeated throughout the video game.

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This method of repetition has long been considered an effective teaching method in reinforcing learning patterns.

Research has also found that, controlling for prior aggression, children who played more violent video games during the beginning of the school year showed more aggression than other children later in the school year.

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Laczniak says the research team expected children with warm or restrictive parents would spend less time playing violent video games. However, they were surprised to see the impact of anxious-emotional parents. He and his colleagues included this dimension based on past studies, which found that children of anxious-emotional parents tend to have more problems. The biggest takeaway for parents is to set limits and be more calmly detached in the relations with their children.

Violent Video Games and Effects on Children

Russell Laczniak, a professor of marketing and the John and Connie Stafford Professor in Business, says given the harmful effects of violent video games, he and his colleagues wanted to better understand how parents influence children's behavior. They found that parents who were more warm and restrictive were successful in limiting children's play of violent video games. However, highly emotional and anxious parents had the opposite effect - their children played more.