The large production in the meat industry made meat cheaper.

 The vegetarian diet is one that provides the body with many essential nutrients.

Another concern is over nutrition, mainly protein intake.

There is no need to remind that obesity in many developed nations including the US is acquiring threatening dimensions, turning into a national problem. American stick to their traditional diets that have too many calories and too much fat (especially saturated fat), cholesterol, and sodium” (Higgins). These drawbacks of American food habits can be reduced if people choose to reduce their intake of meat or give up eating meat altogether. Plant diets have been found to be healthier by the American Dietetic Association that acknowledged the health value and nutritional adequacy of vegetarian diets. Thus, the Oxford Vegetarian Study seeking to related intake of meat to body mass indexes interviewed 1914 male and 3378 female non-smoker respondents to arrive at the following results. Based on the information on consumption of dietary fiber and animal fats provided in the questionnaire, subjects were classified into meat eaters and non-meat eaters. In all age groups, the body mass index was found to be lower in vegetarians than in meat eaters (Higgins). Thus, vegetarianism can be a viable solution to the problem of obesity that has important repercussions for medical problems and health care budgets.

Another type of vegetarian is the vegan, they exclude all animal products.

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Animal Consciousness

Article from the by Colin Allen, a philosophy professor at Texas A & M, describing arguments for and against animal consciousness.

These problems can be solved by more vegetarian foods being served in public places....

Yet for its shortcomings, the vegetarian diet is vastly superior to the typical American diet and is unreservedly recommended as at least a first step for those seeking to improve their health. Let’s look at just some of the more obvious benefits of a vegetarian diet.

A surprising fact that “70 percent of grain produced is fed to animals” (Motavalli).

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Vegetarians not only avoid heart disease, but also have lower blood pressure. A Boston study showed that vegetarians who ate little or no animal products (dairy, eggs) had lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels than their meat-eating counterparts.

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A recent study comparing diets and deaths from heart disease in seven countries showed that those people who ate the highest amounts of animal products (meat, dairy, eggs, etc.) also had the highest death rates. Finland, which had the highest amount of animal foods, topped the list in heart disease. The United States, second largest consumer of animal products, also took second place in death rate due to heart disease. The Japanese, which (had the lowest incidence of meat eating, also had the lowest amount of heart disease.

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The Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive is a fabulous resource for anyone interested in researching ethical aspects of vegetarianism. Tom Regan, perhaps best known for his 1983 book, "The Case for Animal Rights," was a professor of philosophy for over 30 years at North Carolina State University. The website lists the "notes, letters, manuscripts and typescripts, books and pamphlets, and audiovisual materials" he donated to the NCSU Libraries as well as a comprehensive list of links on animal rights and related subjects.

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Vegetarianism has been vigorously promoted by many health schools. And for good reason, when you consider the alternatives of blood-letting, murdering, and corpse-gorging that meat eating offers. Yet is vegetarianism without its drawbacks, shortcomings, or traps for the unwary? We must answer: No. There are pitfalls for the health seeker who turns only to vegetarianism for his answers. Let’s look at some of the traps that vegetarians must avoid.

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Thus, vegetarianism can help one to protect one's health and thus is an inalienable feature of a healthy lifestyle. A person choosing a plant-based diet will more easily lose extra weight if any. Vegetarians are at lower risk for a number of serious diseases including cancer, and will not suffer from inadequate controls over meat production. These are strong arguments in favor of a vegetarian diet that can help many people improve the quality of their lifestyle.