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UK power companies are now investing hundreds of millions of pounds in renewable power. The greatest amount of renewable energy in the UK comes from wind generation. In 2010 the world’s largest offshore wind farm was opened in Thanet, on the Thames estuary.

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This essay may do little to stop the current wind farm projects on the Tantramar Marshes . Unfortunately (from my perspective), a twenty year contract with N.B. Power was signed last spring with virtually no consultation with the public, and certainly no discussion of the pros and cons of wind power (well, actually just not the cons). But I hope it will encourage reflection on, and, if you think it appropriate, resistance to, the next wave of wind farms, for they are surely coming unless a loud cry of protest is raised, and soon. The study upon which the current wind farm projects are based recommends that New Brunswick have 3-4000 megawatts of “installed capacity’ by 2025. At 1.5 MW per unit, this translates into 2000-2666 turbines splattered over the landscape, and this will no doubt eventually include several hundred on the Tantramar. You may have noticed tall slim towers cropping up everywhere on the marshes, and not just where the two current projects are sited. They are wind testing towers, and their purpose is to gather data for new proposals. If wind farm developers have their way, the whole of the Tantramar Marshes, from Minudie to Midgic, and from Sackville to Amherst will soon be one vast wind farm, a little slice of Denmark, as it were. I, for one, will not be breaking out the Tuborg. If you feel the same way I do about this prospect, I urge you to arm yourself with solid information from both sides of the issue, decide what you think is best for our country, our region and our beautiful marshland home, and act accordingly.

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Distributed power: Community or localised ownership of power generation is one final argument often made to support wind power. A village can erect and own a wind turbine more easily than it can a nuclear power station. Community ownership varies greatly from country to country. For example, high community ownership in Denmark and low community ownership in the UK. In the UK, wind ownership is in fact highly discriminatory. Wealthy farmers can put up a turbine and have it subsidised by poor city dwellers who are largely excluded from this opportunity. Everyone has the opportunity to buy shares in listed utilities, and so I’m not sure I buy into community ownership as a significant argument in favour of an industry that seems destined to move offshore and to be owned by major utilities.

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