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In one sense, writing is the crucial step which helps you get to grips with  and new experiences.

There are many ways to write an essay

Hi Liz,
Thank you for your support 🙂
I wanted to ask you about Writting Task 2; in an opinion essay should I writte the two paragraphs to support my opinion or should I writte the first paragraph for supporting and admitting the suggested opinion in the topic and the second to introduce mine. So do I get more points for a balanced answer or should I present my 2 topics in both paragraphs?

If it's a term time essay, you can see it as giving you practice for writing under exam conditions.

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Some of the most successful writers I know create writing schedules. It was easy when I was a journalist and most of my day was expected to be spent on writing. Now that I teach full time, I have to find certain days or certain times to write. It works best if you can keep these consistent and schedule them into your calendar. If you wait for writing time to appear in your schedule, it never will.

Write whenever or where ever you can. These writing snippets help make the process faster and smoother when you sit down to write.

So: go for loose sheets, each page numbered, your name at the top of each page, of course written on one side only, and held together in a simple plastic sleeve: the kind with punched holes down one side and an opening in the top only. This keeps the essay clean and coherent, is unlikely to lacerate the examiner, and takes up no extra room, so the essays can be stacked without them falling all over the place. Before you put it in its sleeve punch one hole all the way through at the top left corner, and insert a treasury tag. You know, one of those green bootlace things. Like this:

Find at least 15 minutes every day to write. This fuels your passion and moves your writing projects along.

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But the main thing is to make each paragraph a solid unit that develops a clearly announced sub-theme of the essay. This way the indented outline that's behind it will be obvious (not too obvious: don't write subheadings before every paragraph) and the marker will not have that terrible lost feeling that immediately precedes giving the essay a low mark in disgust.

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Up to now, most of the writing you've done has been for people who are paid to read what you've written. They have no choice: they have to do it. After you leave here, most of the writing you will do (in the course of your working lives) will be writing you are paid to do for other people. They won't, on the whole, have to read it: if they don't follow it or feel offended by its scruffy presentation or even are having an off-day and are not instantly seduced by its beauty and clarity, they will just throw it away and do something else instead.

University teachers are somewhat in between these two classes. On the one hand, they are in fact paid to read your essays. On the other, if you can imagine the sheer labour of having to read a large number of long assessed essays on the same topic, you can imagine that no-one really likes doing it. It's extremely hard work, and they would normally rather be doing something else. Therefore, if they're not immediately seduced by the clarity and beauty of the thing they're reading, they may get irritated. If this happens they won't be able to throw it away and do something else, so they will get even more irritated. The end product of this will be: a lousy mark. Or at least, a worse mark than you would otherwise get, even if the ideas are good. This is a good thing, in fact, because because you can use it to train you to

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The first paragraph should announce clearly the theme of the essay. I prefer first paragraphs that quite baldly say "I am going to do this and that in this essay". (Some markers don't, however). In the first paragraph also you should define your version of the title and make it clear. If the marker knows from the beginning what you are going to do, s/he can bear it in mind and be aware that you are sticking to the point and developing it, because s/he will know what the point is.

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