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But, because by definition cliques have to exclude most people to include a few, they can also cause a lot of hard feelings, loneliness, and tension.

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Conflict An example of conflict relating to violence in "The Outsiders" is during the rumble when all the greasers went to the biggest fight in the novel against the socs.

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Individuals and organizations play a huge responsibility role to ex-convicts; readers of More Joy in Heaven unfortunately see the side effects when selfishness and thirst for glory play into this important, delicate role....

During the Outsiders a large amount of themes become apparent along with a lot of Motifs.

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One quick look around your school will confirm it: people are cliquey creatures. They move in small packs, kind of like ... only taller and generally less hairy. Once formed, these cliques can be very hard to break into—or out of.

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When the story opens, the mood is bitter and rebellious. Pony and the other Greasers resent the fact that the Socs have lots of money, nice cars, fancy clothes, and many girlfriends. In contrast, they are poor and must work extremely hard for everything they have. In addition, society is prejudiced against them because of their clothes, long hair, and greasy appearance. In the middle of the novel, the mood becomes increasingly angry. The Greasers are tired of the Socs always picking on them, and the Socs are furious about the Greasers hanging out with some of “their girls.” As a result, the Socs jump Pony and Johnny. In self-defense Johnny kills Bob, one of the Socs. The mood then becomes one of terror. Pony and Johnny are scared for their own safety and fear the police. Upon Dally’s advice, they hide in an abandoned church and worry about being found. The mood then switches to great sadness, for Johnny, in trying to rescue the children when the church catches on fire, is killed himself. Dally then gets himself foolishly shot by the police, leaving Pony with two less friends. By the end of the novel, however, the mood has some degree of hope. Pony is determined to rise above his past. He adopts a new mission in life, to tell the world about the problems and deprivations of underprivileged children, like himself. It is obvious that in the end, Hinton is very sympathetic towards the plight of Pony and the Greasers.

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Susan Eloise Hinton was born in 1948 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she was raised. She was a good student and attended the University of Tulsa, majoring in education. Her first novel, was written when she was sixteen years old and published in 1967. Though it is her first book, it is probably her best known. The story revolves around two rival gangs, one rich and the other poor. The book is remarkable for its action-packed plot, believable characters, and realistic language. Her second novel, (1971), again deals with the problems of teenage boys and drug abuse. (1975) is the story of a fourteen-year-old boy, who tries to emulate his elder brother, a former gang leader. (1979) deals with two teenage brothers who have been abandoned by their father. (1988) is about Travis, a city boy, who was sent to stay with his uncle on a ranch in the country; like the horse, Star Runner, he is not meant to be tamed.

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In focusing on two key scenes in The Outsiders, deconstruction explains how Hinton's use of these scenes gives the reader insight into two opposing themes within the text....