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Its considered a secret lion because nobody notices it, and once they do its to late....

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The boys had not known what golf was, and had not known they had stumbled on a golf green.
The Secret Lion, by Alberto Rios is full of symbols and symbolism, telling the tale of two boys that want to keep their childhood through junior high.

An Analysis  of the Symbolism in The Secret Lion by Alberto Rios use of symbolism, the seecret lion, alberto rios.

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The Arroyo, the grinding ball, and the golf course all represent pieces of their childhood that they are desperate to keep.
The Secret Lion
The struggle of two boys to keep their childhood.
In the story, there is a mention of how the two boys thought that nature is imperfect and only round things are perfect.

Boys knew that thing like childhood goes away; they are growing up. The secret lion is a very puzzling and complicated symbol.

In his story, “The Secret Lion,” Alberto Alvaro Rios portrays the concerns of a young boy and his friend Sergio, are coming to believe that everything they have enjoyed will eventually be taken from them.

You can see that junior high school is not like a lion itself but it is being compared to one.The second passage is a personification.