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Joe Ceonnia, You are correct, no theory. I too notice feeling bad, sluggish too. My late friend, Fireman friend noticed this too in late 90's the effects you tell and describe. and..the microwaving has increased from 3 years ago….. I have a single deep filling a tooth..It acted up again! 12 days ago. pain started …Today, I have it settled down. I am in San Francisco Bay area, California. Rain and more rain etc. etc no a natural tpe of rain.

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Louise wants their grandfathers grave to be sprinkled with holy water, so he will not be thirsty and can send them rainclouds, but Father Paul is a little insulted that they didn't tell him about the death sooner.
The priest, who is like an authority figure wants the Indians to follow Catholic ways but, in the end he uses holy water as part of a traditional Indian ceremony, participating in a non-Christian ceremony

Corn meal
: After Tepfilo's death Louise sprinkled corn meal on his grave as a common way of blessing in the Pueblo Indian prayer.
Holy water
: Symbolizes cleansing, blessing in the Catholic Church, but in this story it is used because Louise does not want Teofilo to be thirsty after his death, and Leon wants him to bring plenty of rain clouds
: The feather that Leon tied to Teofilo’s hair shows the respect they had for him, because Indians only wore feathers on special occasions, and they were just worn by Pueblo Indians that had distinguished themselves to be worthy enough.
The lamb on Father Paul’s door is a symbol of Jesus, but it also represents the fact that Teofilo was a shepherd.
In the Pueblo culture, one paints the face and ties a prayer feather to the deceased’s hair so he will be recognized in the other world, and the standard prayer at the end of the burial is “Send us rain clouds”
Leon: Grandson of Teofilo, brother-in-law of Ken, round character
Ken: Grandson of Teofilo, brother-in-law of Leon, flat character
Father Paul: The local Priest, Catholic, dynamic character
Louise: Wife of Ken or Leon, round and static character
Teresa: Wife of Keon or Leon, flat and static character
Teofilo: Grandfather and respective figure to Ken and Leon and their wives

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I live in Calgary, (former home of David Keith), and have all my life. One of the bluest skies in Canada during the 1960's and 70's. The escalation of largely rainless cloud cover, as you state, and above temp snowfall is the norm around here now. The POWERs give us a couple hours of sunlight midday then the cover rolls in again. There are barely a bud on the trees or shrubs here. The smell of the minimal rain we get is acrid. There was minimal snow past winter. Forest conditions are dry. Many trees have Black Knot fungus I don't see as many trails from planes these days which makes me think they're injecting the particulates some other way. When I was in Vegas in March it was getting hammered by planes. Grounds keepers were painting the tee boxes green. I hope that's not a sign of things to come! On my flight home from Vegas the moon reflection off the cloud from below the plane was a perfect uninterrupted orb. I have to wonder how a cloud can be that smooth and continuous on top? This situation is new to everyone I talk to here. I'm a spreading the word. I know you've had a long road. God bless and thank you for all you do! a long one, sorry

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