There are numerous opinions on what actually caused the fall of Rome.

VIDEO: “Pax Romana” from The Fall of the Roman Empire 2011 recording session.

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The end of empire is always messy, and Roman Britain was no exception. No clear decision to 'decolonise' Britain was made. Instead, the garrison was run down over a generation, and then the remnant was simply cast adrift to fend for itself.

All the group of migrations that invaded Rome got the empire to the point of its fall.

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There were multiple causes to the fall of Rome including economic reasons, political reasons, military reasons invasions and threats by both internal and external forces 476 a.d was the ending year for most of the Empire, but the Eastern Empire grew and contributed to society for another thousand years....

This essay will discuss the evolution of the Roman Empire and its impact on the Western World....

Roman Empire refers to the duration, starting with Emperor Augustus, when Rome territory was governed by emperors. In the 3rd century A.D., the Rome Empire faced several challenges. They came from inside and outside the Empire. Only military, political reforms and drastic economic, it appears, could prevent fall of the Empire.

These innovations helped the Roman Empire to be successful and peaceful.

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Produced for Prometheus, Luc Van de Ven’s Belgian soundtrack label, by veteran producer James Fitzpatrick, the recording re-unites the same team responsible for the critically acclaimed release of the complete score for The Alamo (see ). The Fall of the Roman Empire was produced by Samuel Bronston and directed by Anthony Mann. Tiomkin’s music score was nominated for an Academy Award®.

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Prometheus Records has released a new digital recording of Dimitri Tiomkin’s complete 140-minute score for The Fall of the Roman Empire on a double CD set produced by James Fitzpatrick. Billed as one of the film music events of the year this is the world premiere recording of the complete film score performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Nic Raine.

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Other reasons believed to have caused the Roman Empire to decline and fall are climate change, population decline, too much poisoning of the upper class population in the empire.

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