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What is self-assessment? The ability to be a realistic judge of one’s own performance.

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The validity of student relative teacher judgements in assessment has been explored by many researchers and reported in the education literature .In large part student peer and self grading works best when students share a comprehensive understanding of the assessment criteria and the characteristics of work illustrative of different levels of performance.

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Students' ability to manage and organise their own time in order to complete set tasks is a crucial aspect of self-assessment. Schools recognise this when they institute a variety of structures to support students developing independence in this area; the student diary is one example.

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Learning how to self-assess is an incremental process that can begin with the elementary grades. "During self-assessment, students reflect on the quality of their work, judge the degree to which it reflects explicitly stated goals or criteria, and revise. Self-assessment is formative...Self-evaluation, in contrast, is summative--it involves students giving themselves a grade" (Andrade, 2007, p. 60).

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As an example of building self-assessment into day-to-day activities, John Bond (2013) noted three easy-to-implement reflective strategies. Students might complete "I learned" statements. They could also use a think aloud in which they reflect and share what they learned on what had just been taught with a partner. They might complete "Clear and Unclear Windows." In this latter, students divide a sheet of paper into two columns headed by clear and unclear. Then they fill in those columns, respectively, with what they understood about a lesson and did not understand (Bond, 2013).

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In Digital-Age Assessment, Harry Tuttle (2007) recommended using e-portfolios as a method to look beyond traditional assessment. "A common e-portfolio format includes a title page; a standards' grid; a space for each individual standard with accompanying artifacts and information on how each artifact addresses the standard; an area for the student's overall reflection on the standard; and a teacher formative feedback section for each standard. Within the e-portfolio, the evidence of student learning may be in diverse formats such as Web pages, e-movies, visuals, audio recordings, and text" (Getting Started section).

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"A portfolio is a collection of items that is assembled by students or their teachers to show a range of work in a subject." It can be used for both formative and summative assessments. For a structured portfolio, educators might provide activities and assignments to include. Learners would then create a table of contents (Lent, 2012, p. 134). George Lorenzo and John Ittelson (2005) defined an e-portfolio as "a digitized collection of artifacts, including demonstrations, resources, and accomplishments that represent an individual, group, community, organization, or institution. The collection can be comprised of text-based, graphic, or multimedia elements archived on a Web site or on other electronic media" (p. 2).

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For learners to do well on assessments involving performance tasks, Marzano and Toth (2014) indicated that teachers need to have a shift in their instructional practice to help learners engage in cognitively complex tasks.