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Your SA has two parts. The first part is the summer readings (three short stories) and an analytical essay of 750 to 1250 words about them (details below). The second part is a 500-1000-word log on a 24-hour eFast you will undertake (also explained below). You will discuss the readings and your eFast in class on the first day in September. Please bring both parts of the Summer Assignment with you, and turn them into your Instructor—regardless of whether you are in CRWN 79, WRIT 20, or Scholars (CRWN 80A/B).

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Due to be published in late summer is Eimear McBride’s second novel, The Lesser Bohemians (Faber). This is probably one of the most eagerly awaited books of the year, after her debut,, shouldered through the ranks of formal, normal prose to remind readers what the novel can do in the hands of a truly gifted, undaunted, visionary writer. Set in the drama circles of London, lit with sexual energy and the quick, synaptic power of McBride’s narrative idiom, her new work looks set to flex this remarkable talent again, and in new ways.

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Such situations are even more daunting for new faculty and graduate student Teaching Assistants (TAs) who are new to leading groups.”

What reflective practices can prepare facilitators and participants for productive group discussions?
This essay describes an approach which combines multiple resources with an explanation on how one teaching center used them to foster self-awareness among facilitators and the students in their discussion groups.Read the , or browse the CFT Teaching Guide on .Essays on Teaching Excellence is a series of eight short and succinct scholarly essays published by the POD Network on an annual basis, free of charge.

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Once having read this paper, the general background information on the type of sand collected, specifically about Huntington Beach, will be evident, as will the differences in the beach during winter and summer time....

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I was first a fan of Bill Bryson after reading A Short History of Almost Everything, which was solidified after reading At Home: A Short of Private Life, looking at why are homes are built the way they are, and using that as a lens to look at some other aspects of human history, aptly given to me as I was moving apartment. One Summer is about the real events that occurred on either side of the Atlantic in the summer of 1927 (while it mostly concentrates on the American events of that year, it includes events in Britain and France). From the first flight across the Atlantic, and the epic season of Babe Ruth, to the beginning of the end of prohibition, the first ever celebrity murder case, the first ever “talking picture” and the events that would lead the world into a global depression. Bryson takes all of these seemingly disparate events and weaves them together to brilliantly take a pulse of the times they were. As ever, Bryson has a way of writing that is both extremely humorous and vividly flowing.

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Books on the go this summer include: by Kate Chopin, an exquisite novella about a woman in 1890s New Orleans chafing against the strictures of her times; the modern classic Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada, about a Berliner in 1940 who embarks on a campaign of sending anonymous anti-Hitler postcards, and the Gestapo officer ordered to hunt the dissenter; Fell by Jenn Ashworth, a fresh, lyrical novel about a sick girl, a faith healer, the woman the girl grew into, the spirits of her parents and unfinished business. In the last week I’ve finished Pachinko by Min Jin Lee (out in 2017 from Head of Zeus), a deep, broad, addictive history of a Korean family in Japan enduring and prospering through the 20th century; and the new book by Peter Ho Davies, The Fortunes (Sceptre) – a poignant, cascading four-part novel about being Asian and western, about immigrants and natives, about belonging in a country and one’s skin. It’s not out until August, but if your bookseller owes you a favour, cash it in for a reader’s proof. It’s outstanding.

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Summer reading can help keep teens minds engaged and in motion during these months of downtime from school. If they don’t have ideas of their own, an easy way to get a list of books going is by finding a great series or author for your teen to get involved in reading.