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Othello is one of the most extraordinary characters in all of Shakespeare’s dramas.

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I would stage the play in such a way that both Othello and Iago’s possessiveness of Desdemona is emphasized (for example, having them grab her arm or guide her places, or stand in such a way that they loom over her).

Reprint from Introduction to The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice by William Shakespeare.

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Keep in mind that the staging decision you make will not only have a significant effect on
the meaning of the scene for the audience watching your hypothetical production, but it
will also reflect your interpretation of the scene. For this reason, you need to be able to
support why you make the decision you do with closely analyzed textual evidence. Good
directors make such decisions based on careful study of the text and not on vague
assertions about “artistic license.”
The following is one possible way to structure this essay: (1) your introduction explains
what staging decision you have made and offers a thesis statement where you identify the
textual evidence you will use to defend your decision; (2) the body of your essay provides
a close reading of your textual evidence that shows how the text supports your decision;
(3) you conclude your essay with a summary of your position. There are, of course, other
ways to structure your essay; be sure to talk to your tutorial leader about other approaches
or about any questions you might have.

When Emilia betrays the sisterhood within the play of Othello much is revealed to the reader regarding her character.

Very significantly, Shakespeare scenes and character relationships have also taken on independent life and have provided basic formulations upon which other writers rely.

Othello isn't one of those tragedies. What sets this tragedy in motion is still very much alive and well: racism.

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Othello is a tragedy written by the big dog of English theater himself: Billy Shakespeare. The play tells the story of a powerful general of the Venetian army, Othello, whose life and marriage are ruined by a conniving, deceitful, and envious soldier, Iago.

Othello is possibly the most famous literary exploration of At the same time, it's among the earliest literary works dealing with race and racism. Othello—undeniably heroic even if ultimately flawed—is the most prominent black protagonist in early Western literature. Othello faces constant racism from other characters, especially when he marries Desdemona, a privileged white woman whose father disapproves of the union.

Even the play's performance history has been marked by racism. To see a real black man and a white woman kiss onstage was seen as so unacceptable to many viewers that, even in early 20th century America, Othello had to be played by a white man in . When , a black American and the son of a slave, played Othello on Broadway in the 1940's, the performances a still segregated nation.

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But they haven't changed enough. And as racism continues to run rampant in the 21st century, Othello remains timely and pertinent. That's no mean feat for a play written in 1603. But the fact that racism was a problem more than 400 years ago and is still a problem today is pretty dang shameful.

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Basically, Othello's treatment of race and sexuality makes it one of Shakespeare's most relevant and controversial plays. For some, the play's portrayal of a black man who marries and then brutally murders a white woman in a fit of rage and jealousy makes Othello a racist play. For these critics, Shakespeare seems to endorse a xenophobic (anti-foreigner) attitude that was pretty common throughout England and other parts of Europe.

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Iago is upset that Othello passed him over for a promotion, but he also mentions the rumor that Othello slept with his wife, and at one point he says that he (Iago) loves Desdemona not out of lust but out of a desire to repay Othello for his supposed transgression.