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This has plunked me straight into what the writer Sally Koslow has termed “adultescence.” I’m a college graduate on the verge of 22, and I still feel like a child. One day last week I did my laundry, and all of the white things turned pink. My parents, by relieving me of the burden of household chores, freed me up to do other things like read, write bad poems or watch television (the last being an unintended consequence of their scheme). Yet this “freedom,” in turn, left me deprived of some very fundamental, grown-up skills, like cleaning my clothes without changing their color.

Like most children, Dasani is oblivious to the precise cost of such extravagances. She only knows that they are beyond her reach.

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The topic of children participating and providing testimony in courtroom settings is an image that, presumably, most would not associate as a “usual” place for children.

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Brokaw makes a good point. But let's not blame the parents. Good Lord, I said to him, we're talking about men and women who have reached middle age! You live a half century, your faults can't be blamed on Daddy anymore. Besides, every parent in history has wanted to give his child more than he had. And every adolescent wants to get laid. And since the first caveman spun around till his head got dizzy, every human being has experimented with methods of altering consciousness. But only in the Boomers did parental indulgence and human craving trigger such a tsunami of selfishness.

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Unlike this vacillating mother, my wife has more stamina than I do; she is likely to suggest fighting the war on every front. However, more important than trying to discipline every defect, is to consistently discipline the faults that you have chosen to tackle. If you are new to the battle (just starting to discipline your child), do not start a campaign that you do not intend to finish. Pick the most important battles first, and add others if you can still keep up. Most importantly, if you try to discipline your child for a temper tantrum one time, and then give in to a tantrum on another occasion, at best your child will only be confused, but even more likely your child will learn that persistent rebellion pays off.

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If you do want spoiled children, always give them their own way and make sure they win. If you want unspoiled children, though you play games appropriate for their age, never lose games on purpose. When they lose, it gives them a chance to build character and learn good sportsmanship. When your child does beat you at his first game (for me it was a game of checkers with my grandfather), it will be a great day, forever in his memory. In the same way, do not always ask your children what they want for dinner; Mother can ask them what they think Daddy wants for dinner. Do not always ask them what they want to do; Dad can ask them, "What can we do for Mommy?" If you can keep from spoiling your children when they are young, you will overcome a major barrier to having delightful teenagers.

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About five minutes later, I was surprised when I saw the child had escaped her clutch. He ran back, and began climbing the shelves to reach the coveted treat. A moment later, the livid mother stormed back, and furiously pulled him off the shelf. He began to throw a tantrum (wow what a surprise) while she, at her wits end, again dragged him off. They were only ten feet away from the Hostess shelf, when she stopped, hesitated for a second, then without realizing the eternal damnation of her inconsistency, turned and grabbed the Ho Hos® for her son.

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I will close the section on discipline by admonishing you to be consistent. This is extremely important. If you are not consistent, discipline will not only be ineffective, it will often be counterproductive. Let me share a quote from Lisa Many, a legal assistant in Chapel Hill, N. C., who said that she spanked her children "a few times out of frustration".