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Single sex education is when there is either one whole school set up for only boys or only

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Outside a big room on the second floor of Slocum Hall, 20 girls are scattered on the floor, taking a break from their jazz dance class and are more than happy—they are girls!—to talk about their single-sex school:

Single Sex Education is just taking out one more distraction from learning.

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Ivinson, G. and Murphy, P. (2007) Rethinking Single-sex teaching: Gender, school subjects and learning Berkshire, Open University Press McGraw Hill.

However, demand for single sex education for some courses is rising recently(Archer,2004,P.50).

Parents are always concerned about the academic life of their children and how school will contribute to their personality as they spend most of their time away from home which makes parents think twice about choosing the appropriate school and with the increasing of single sex education across the country makes their choice more difficult.

One major style of education being debated today is the idea of single sex education.

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Rosemary Salomone, professor of law at St. John’s University and author of the 2003 book , agrees: “Many students in single-sex classes report feeling more comfortable raising their hands and expressing uncertainty regarding a lesson or topic without fear of embarrassment or teasing from the opposite sex.”

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The private-school sector supplies the financially and the intellectually well endowed with an array of single-sex schooling options. Below are profiles of the oldest girls’ school and the oldest boys’ school in the country. Both are distinguished by academic excellence, and their respective leaders are resolutely committed to single gender as a vital part of the school’s program.

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Single-sex education gives children more overall benefits than coed education; for example single-sex education teaches the children when they are developmentally ready for learning, and kids put in single-sex education have a greater ability to focus on their work, and to do what they want to do without gender constraints....

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It has not been proven that learning in a single-sex school setting will increase the chances of success any one student will have over a co educated student.

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The choice to shift from a single-sex to a coeducational school has become progressively common, with the quantity of all-women’s institutions declining melodramatically in the previous 50 years.

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The region of bodies we wish to explore mimics the capitalist system of manga--comic books--which in Japan is indeed big business. Nearly forty-percent of all publications in Japan (Schodt, 1996, p. 19) are in one way or another connected to manga, versions of which are read by infants and their grandmothers in the Empire of Signs. But the comic book para-phenomenon we wish to explore exists primarily among teenagers and young adults. It has to do with art, narrative, and the exploration of gender, identity, and sex. It is an enterprise that points to a failure of art education--or is it a failure? When schools educate students to appreciate and create one form of art and then, when those students end up appreciating and creating quite another form of art, then is it a failure?