I suggest the following short stories for High School students.

  My story is titled, , and was one of my first efforts to write short fiction.

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Accordingly, what Hirvela and Boyle (1988) report is not surprising: they examine students' attitudes towards four genres of literary texts (short story, novel, poetry and drama) and state that their adult Hong Kong Chinese students indicated short stories as the genre that is less feared and the second most enjoyed (43%; the novel is the most enjoyed with 44%), since short stories are easy to finish and definite to understand.

My short story  was one of the tales chosen for this "Best of" anthology!

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What makes a good short story?shining the spotlight on short story collections The Iraqi Christ by Hassan Blasim: review The Iraqi Christ by Hassan Blasim Translated by Jonathan Wright.

Short Essays For Middle Schoolers Weeks of my applications and where: be scary.

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If you'd like to browse the fiction section, look for the green dots by the call numbers on the spine that signify a book is a collection of short stories.

40 Excellent Short Stories For Middle School

Appendix II (page 512) is "Suggested Readings by Theme and Topic." You may then look up the author or short story (not all short stories have their own entries, though) in the main part of the book for more information.

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In a speaking class, as a valuable oral practice for the connectors and discourse markers, the students retold the story as a chain activity in small groups.

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Contains short descriptions of works published from 1994-1996 in general categories, such as . Two of the categories are and . The real value for this assignment is the subject index in the back.

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The stories are entered alphabetically by author with the themes covered in the story listed before a short description and explanation of the story. There are over a hundred themes listed in the index in the back and include such topics as Allegory, Betrayal, Class Conflicts, Coming of Age, Courage, Culture conflicts, Death, Decadence, Epiphany, Family, Fate, Fathers and children, Friendship, Hispanic Experience, Grief, Guilt, Illusion vs. Reality, Jealousy, Love/Hate, Marriage, Men and Women, Mothers and Children, Pride, Race Relations, Religion/Spirituality, Revenge, Siblings, Society, Sports, Tradition/Convention, Underdogs, Vanity, Violence, War. Other indexes: Author and Short Story Title.

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Let yourself enjoy the irrationality of a businessman who chuckseverything to go begging, a six-year-old boy who learns for the first time how it feelsto be late to school, a fourteen-year-old boy who builds his own catamaran with mixed success,a young mental hospital orderly's rambling consciousness, a young rooster who refuses to acceptundeserved accolades from the hens, a half-human, half-motorcycle motorcentaur on a serious joyridein the desert, a farmer who innerly berates his careless son for spilling a wagon load of corn on the road,a waitressing farmer's wife who endures a truck stop robbery, and a young rural swindler who finds forgiveness among the surrounding farmers.