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I grew up with this fear: that the material that was near to me would be no good. I would have to live a life that would somehow bring me nearer to the topics “real” literature was about: war, violence, politics, travel and adventure. To this end, I moved to New York, traveled to India, and dated men who could tell me about the worlds I did not have access to, men who had been to prison, men who had been homeless, men who had been in mental institutions. I was troubled by my female protagonists who seemed to have so many emotions. They would have to go; they would have to change. I would have to change. In short, I was certain that what I really needed to do was write for men. I’m not sure anyone has written more combustibly about this recently than Claire Vaye Watkins in her essay She writes of her short story collection Battleborn:

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Beautifully written and powerful essay, thank you. As the mother of an 11- and 7-year-old, I’ve found more personal/writing time as my kids have gotten older; older kids generally need less constant attention, and by age 10/11, often prefer to be with friends. (This of course may not be true for many special needs children.) They still need their parents a whole lot, but it isn’t the overwhelming, suffocating kind of need I felt when they were newborn/toddlers. But in my experience, it does not get easier to “do what we want.” This essay reminded me to keep asking what I want (do men ever question this?), and that I deserve help (from my partner, etc.) to get it.

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An ideal teacher is well trained for his job and is scientific in teaching and evaluation

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I agree. It’s just different. And it’s different for every parent. But I will say that nannies do care greatly about the kids they work with. I worked for years as a nanny and know many people who have made their careers as caregivers, nannies and preschool teachers. Sure, there are some caregivers who are better than others. There are those who don’t care as much. But, in my experience, there are actually tons of benefits to having different adults in their lives. It’s healthy for kids to have lots of caring adults in their lives who all approach life a little differently. As a nanny, I have loved and cared for every child that has come into my care. No, I may not slice the apple in the same way, but I feel compelled to give the child my complete attention (aka, no iPhone!) and listen to everything they say because a) I am getting paid b) I have the responsibility for a child who is not mine and c) I am genuinely interested in what the child has to say (benefit of not being his or her primary caregiver). So, yeah. On my watch, their Leprechaun Spit does get thoroughly examined.

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