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For those seniors already accepted into colleges, senioritis may have the largest impact.

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Michael Kirst, an education professor at Stanford University, points out, "If you are not well-prepared to succeed in college then the senior year is your last chance to be prepared." Those who allow senioritis to occupy their mindset may find themselves having more difficulty in college, as over half of all seniors are not college-ready upon graduation.

Politically: Senioritis is a legitimate high school disease impacting seniors across the country.

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There is no problem with senioritis. Seniors have been going to school for 13 years and they get antsy toward the end. Wouldn’t you? The end is near and they are just ready to graduate from high school and start their lives, at least for some.

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I believe in “senioritis” a month or two before school gets out. Seniors during high school get this antsy feeling inside them to not do any work when they are supposed to. The main reason for this is the disease, senioritis.

It appears as though there is no outbreak of senioritis for the class of 2013 of Central High School.

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Senioritis has short-term as well as long-term damage on their academic attainment such as loss of , difficulties with college level classes, lack of desire to further education and a continued apathetic attitude towards the end of any undertaking.
To understand why senioritis is so destructive to a senior’s future, it should first be identified.

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How could this program be made better?
This should include the 3rd marking period for a fuller work experience and a quicker alternative to school with Senioritis.