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This Christian holiday is calledEpiphany, Twelfth Night, and Three Kings Day.

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The two most celebrated days of Christmas were New Year and the final day of celebration, Twelfth Night...There was...a definate purpose to the Tudor Christmas.

When Twelfth Night arrived there wasalways a flutter in old Creole New Orelans.

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In ancient times they presided over feasts held in honor of the Roman festival ofSaturnalia...In the Middle Ages the boy bishop and the Lord of Misrule directed certainChristmas festivities...Twelfth Night celebrations, however, came under the specialsupervision of another mock ruler: the King of the Bean.

One important item associated with Twelfth Night was the Twelfth cake.

The lucky beanwas faithfully preserved as a talisman, and in many an old Creole family a little shriveled amuletwhich was found in the Gateau de Roi on Twelfth Night. "To make the cake, take a pound and a half of the above-mentioned quality of flour, and put itin a woodedn bread trough.

the spicedalso used in Twelfth-night and Christmas-eve celetrations.

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In the first half of the sixteenthcentury France commemorated Kings' Day--the twelfth day after Christmas--with a "TwelfthNight cake." A century later King Louis XIV took part in such a feast at which gateau des Rois("Kings' cake") contained a hidden bean or creamic figure, as it does to this day.

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In the next century, this TwelfthNight custom spread to England, France, and Spain..."
---, Tanya Gulevich[Omnigraphics:Detroit] 2nd edition, 2003 (p.

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Records indicate that in late medieval France thse kings wereselected by a kind of edible lottery...In the sixteenth century, ordinary Dutch and Germanhouseholds celebrated Twelfth Night by baking a coin into a cake and acknowledging whoeverreceived the coin in their slice of cake as king of the feast.

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The Twelfth Night cake not only provided dessert, but also helped to facilitate an oldcustom...While preparing the cake the cook dropped a bean, coin or other small object in tothe batter.

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Our survey of 19thcentury English cookbooks reveals primary sources do not provide instructions for the insertionof coins (Christmas pudding) or beans (Twelfth Night Cake).

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