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Part 2
Write an essay (3900 words) considering the following:
What is the evidence that attention to human factors is an important part of the management of health and safety at work?
Using inadequate safety climate as the focus of your assignment describe how would you identify and assess the relevant human factors issues in your organization workplace (Armed Forces Hospitals).
You should include:
– Definition of Health and Safety Culture.
– What are the issues concerning Health and Safety Culture?
– How can we measure it?
– What can be done to improve it?
1. Summarize the evidence based on the research literature.
2. Describe the problem in your organization (Armed Forces Hospitals). How has it been/ could it be identified?
3. What changes could be made and how would these impacts on your organization?

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Talking about workplace safety, it is necessary to mention health and safety hazards. According to definition of Rajagopal J., “a ‘hazard’ is something that in itself may cause harm or injury.” (Rajagopal, 2009).Workplace hazards include moving parts of machinery, flammable or toxic substances and lifting heavy things. Also hazards can be included in slippery floors, electric energy, working at heights and excessive noise. Hazards are classified as health hazards and safety hazards.

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It is important to constantly look at the safety processes to make sure they are the best they can be. Businesses that achieve lower injury rates have a working health and safety program in place. They have made safe operation a business objective and these businesses have also a more profitable bottom-line.

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Even having laws and safety guidelines at workplace, nearly 5.200 employees die from workplace injuries in the private sector of business. The results of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), that is the federal agency that oversees workplace safety, workplace exposure to illness contributed to as many as 50,000 deaths last year; and nearly 4.3 million people suffered non-fatal workplace injuries and illness.

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In order to provide workers with safety and health, managers focus on safety that can include such elements as: management leadership and obligation; worker involving accountability; ensuring the work is carried out safely and effectively; different safety plans, programs and policies, processes, procedures, and practices; safety inspections for workplace hazards; safety goals, objectives and program audits; safety tracking and metrics; identification of hazards and control; safety education, training and communications.

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Teens have adopted today's mobile technology as an extension of their lifestyle, making it easier now more than ever to stay connected to one another. This freedom to share information with and about each other anywhere anytime has exposed teens to new vulnerabilities. The CareerSafe® Online Cyber Safety Awareness Training series provides students with basic awareness training to recognize and respond to cyberbullying situations.