Romeo and Juliet is one of William Shakespeare’s most famous works.

Friar Lawrence and Juliet inflicted their own wounds by not telling Romeo of their plan.

The death of Romeo and Juliet was partially because of free will.

If they had taken the time to make sure that Romeo got the information, their plan might have succeeded, and Romeo and Juliet would be free to marry each other.

Romeo and Juliet had a strong love for each which no one could separate even if they were apart.

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Be careful not to write a thesis statement that will simply require you to Fate is solely responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet (Thesis).
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One of Shakespeare’s most prominent plays is titled The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the audience witnesses a great amount of familial pride when Tybalt shouts to an opposing family member, “What, drawn, and talk of peace....

The story of Romeo and Juliet is timeless, and it has provided a model for many other stories.

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If the letter from Friar Laurence were to get delivered to Romeo by Friar John, he would have known that Juliet wasn’t really dead and that it was just a plan to help her get out of her marriage with Count Paris....

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The Verona in which Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet takes place in is made sinister by the deadly consequences than ensue from its strict, unbending society.

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"A pair of star-crossed lovers" (I, i, 6) In the very opening of the play the chorus is singing about Romeo and Juliet, and predicts their life together as having a star-crossed conclusion....

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“The deliberate construction of the play so that its action seems to lead inevitably to the catastrophe of the young lovers' deaths is known as Shakespeare's "tragic design." (Overview of Romeo and Juliet) William Shakespeare wants the audience to realize that Romeo and Juliet are destined to cross paths, hence the title of “star-crossed lovers”.

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However, the three most culpable parties are the set of opposing parents; the Montagues and Capulets, the prince; Escalus of Verona and ultimately the lovers, Romeo and Juliet.

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As Napoleon Bonaparte said “there is no such thing as an accidents; it is fate misnamed.” This refers to the novel, and a play of Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare, the two young lover’s life began and ended with misfortune....

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In Romeo and Juliet, it is obviously true to say that fate was a contributor to the deaths of the young couple, but could it have been the sole contributor....