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Unconditional love, the love of a mother for her child, romantic love, the love for your partner and passion or lust, a more sexual emotion towards a person....

Therefore, some people do believe that romantic love exists, and they feel that romantic love does not seem to be abstract.

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Lord Byron (1788 – 1824):
Byron is one of the few British Romantic writers to achieve widespread fame during his lifetime. Byron was good friends with Percy Shelley, but very much disliked (and was disliked by) Wordsworth and Coleridge. In fact, Byron’s poetry bears little resemblance to that of the Lake Poets; it’s style and form is much more similar to British poetry of the 18th century. His contribution to the period comes in the form of the Byronic hero, a “boldly defiant but bitterly self-tormenting outcast, proudly contemptuous of social norms but suffering for some unnamed sin” ().

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Many famous authors arose during The Age of Discovery and The Romantic Period all of whom had very distinctive writing styles that held true to their era.

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William Wordsworth (1770 – 1850):
Wordsworth is one of the domineering figures of British Romanticism. He was good friends with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and the two of them (along with some other writers who are no longer as well known as these two) settled in the Lake District in northwestern England. The group is often referred to as “the Lake Poets.” In 1798, Wordsworth and Coleridge anonymously published a collection of poems entitled Lyrical Ballads. Many critics cite the publication of this volume as the true beginning of the Romantic Period. In the 2nd edition of Lyrical Ballads (now published under Wordsworth’s name), Wordsworth added a preface which outlines his aesthetic theory and his views on what makes for good poetry. This preface is often considered as a manifesto of Romantic ideology.

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Some characteristics of Romanticism include: emotion over reason, senses over intellect, love for nature, use of the hero and the exceptional figure in general, emphasis of imagination being the gateway to spiritual truth, and an interest in folk cul...

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Romanticism is a type of style of writing in fine arts and literature that focuses on passion imagination and intuition rather than emphasizing on reason and logic.

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By reading the letters, and in this paper meaning all letters attributed to the real life Abelard and Heloise, the reader can see the literary romantic semblance between the historical artifacts and Pope’s poem as well as discover that qu...