A process which occurs once they allow it to begin.

Religions provide understanding and comfort for those who are facing death.

Pro: Their preservation of Tradition, and archives

the study of religions, religious texts, musics, arts or drama for their literary, cultural, or historical value is pedagogically and constitutionally acceptable practice.

There is a process to undergo before an individual is able to experience change.

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The electoral system shapes how a democracy works. Here you have the opportunity to vote on how we should all vote.The electoral system define how people vote, how these votes are counted and how the outcome of the election is established. The electoral systems have an important impact on how works. The rules of voting affect voters’ behaviour and also the composition of the representative institutions. There are different electoral systems in different countries.Broadly speaking, electoral systems tend to be "proportional" or "majoritarian". In the number of seats that each party receives in the parliaments or assemblies is proportional to the votes received. The basic principle is representation; the composition of the parliaments or assemblies should mirror the views of society. In the representation is not proportional to the votes obtained. Majoritarian or plurality systems arties that receive more votes obtain a percentage of seats that is higher than the percentage of votes they receive. Conversely, small parties usually receive a smaller share of seats than that of votes. Majoritarian systems. They are supposed to create stable single-party governments that can govern without needing the support of other parties.For an explanation of how electoral systems work watch this video: There are important trade-offs between the two broad type of electoral systems. According to what you consider to be the most important features of democracy you may choose one over the other.

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It would be fitting that this thread be started to express our views on the Catholic Church since we have a thread on Protestantism. If you have anything good or bad to say about the Catholic Church,have at it.

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If government action is found to impair the Free Exercise Clause, accommodation to enable individuals to practice their religious beliefs may be required, but the secular policy or program would not have to be eliminated.
Thomas, McCabe, and McCarthy, Public School Law, pg.

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For more than 200 years, the First Amendment has protected our religious freedom and allowed many faiths to flourish in our homes, in our work place and in our schools.

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Does the action or practice place direct or indirect government
coercion on individuals to profess a faith?
Pros and Cons of Religion in the Public Schools
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Thomas Jefferson, who in his bill of establishing Religious Freedom for the State of Virginia, in 1779, observed that the " acts of the body," unlike the "operations of the mind," are subject to the coercions of the laws.

What is and who defines religion?

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Again, unless I'm mistaken, according to Catholic thought the role of the priest as "mediating" has primarily to do with the fact that the priest represents Jesus Christ to his flock, as such he presides over the Eucharist and administers it to the Body of Christ. Additionally, such as in the case of Private Confession/Absolution his role is as one whom Christ vested with the authority to pronounce forgiveness of sins; he isn't actually the one doing the forgiving, that would be God, but the priest has been called, as part of his office, to pronounce those words to those seeking forgiveness. In other words, Jesus has given them that privilege and duty as part of their calling as shepherds of Christ's flock.

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Students may express their religious beliefs in reports, homework, projects, and artwork.

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Where do we see religious practices?
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