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This English 101 class has really allowed me to expand my essay structure and ways of thinking.

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Cheating is wrong, its something that shouldn’t be done. Wether its in a relationship or in school work. If your going to be in a relationship you need to stay committed. If your going to cheat then you shouldn’t be in a relationship at all. Along with school people need to learn how to do work on their own. There will be a day that you cant rely on another individual to do your work. Although there will be those people who still have lie after lie. Then have other lies to cover up those lies. I believe people should be themselves.

In writing I allow my true self to show, I can express myself and experiment with different styles.

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The language of ‘relationship with God’ finally should be questioned, and perhaps dismissed, because relationships do not really exist. A relationship is neither in the material world, like a chair; nor a felt emotion, like anger; nor an invisible force, like gravity; nor a logical principle, like 2+2=4; nor is it an object of faith, like God. There is no reason for supposing that my relationship with my friend Stephen is a real thing. The things which are real are my attitude toward Stephen, my affection for him, my memories of time spent with him, my thoughts about him, and so forth. Also real are Stephen’s attitudes and emotions and thoughts toward me. But these are two separate things: my feelings about him, and his about me.

I also was unable to place myself into the viewpoint of the reader making me ineffective in connecting with the audience.

All of these tools can be seen within the lines of his lengthy poem of fifty-two sections "Song of Myself." The first of these tools include an invocation of the muse, as can be seen in the lines "I loafe and invite my soul," which appear...

Fleagle, Baker’s English teacher, assigned an informal essay to be completed as homework, Baker immediately became baffled by the daunting task.

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When we talk about God, therefore, we do not properly talk about one relationship, but about two separate things: God’s unchanging love for us, on the one hand, and our fickle, ever-fluctuating attitude toward God, on the other.

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Extraordinary! Feel like I’m waking from a long sleep on this one- used to talk a lot about how our ‘relationship’ with God was at youth group and it was often with a sense of competition or guilt. Feeling now the wrong-headedness of that, that this article is opening up my understanding even more to how much I still want to be in charge or control of God, and how very understanding the gospel is of the Christian condition of still thinking that how God relates to me is down to my performance. Can feel heavy knots of responsibility being untied again! Tour de force indeed. Thank you.

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from a recovery point of view…Step 5 ( and or 10) really help me to accept my forgiveness from God. I confess to God, myself and another human being…..the other human being …sometimes we say God with skin…helps with that acceptance….i believe forgiveness is the remedy for guilt!

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However, I know it to be now as also and predominately influenced by internal growth, meaning self-appreciation, within myself for myself and I gladly believe it will be this way I turn older.