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Some great ideas for tagline are quotes, jokes, or something that will grab the reader’s attention.

Understanding how to write an essay is easier if one follows these steps.

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I like Monday because this is the first day of the week, I want to start my week with a happy face, I don't like the people who said that the morning is the worst day of the week, all the Monday's I want to make a new thing to change my world.

Look at the exam question and letter and do the exercises to improve your writing skills.

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Do the preparation exercise first. Then do the other exercises.

This research will serve as the information bank for the essay.

Overview: Students create two arguing voices that might be heard inside one character's head, then create a descriptive scene that shows that character in action.

Essays on Cost, Buchanan and Thirlby, ed.

Carol also talks about the importance of assigning many RAFT writing assignments long before asking students to write to persuade. A RAFT writing prompt asks students to write from the voice of assigned perspective to an assigned audience (as opposed to the traditional prompt where students write as a student for their teacher audience of one person). RAFT writing prompts are great practice for preparing students to think seriously about another's perspective. You can read more about these prompts by visiting .

The introduction shouldn’t be too long, and it should contain a .

Carol talks about the importance of having her students think deeply when comparing multiple perspectives, especially when comparing perspectives on topics for persuasive writing; by doing so, students can approach persuasive arguments with more objective understandings of their topic, and they can anticipate an opponent's argument and prepare for it. Studying perspective helps students move beyond the immature "I'm right because you're wrong" argument style.

in the Sumerian city-state of Lagash.

The guide's creator--Nevada teacher and literacy trainer Carol Gebhardt--distributes the resource to our participants, and she shares several lessons and resources from its pages.

The body is what English professionals call the “meat” of the essay.

Participants in our Persuasive Writing Workshops always receive a complimentary copy of the NNWP's 2008 publication, the Going Deep with Compare and Contrast Thinking Guide. This guide is available for purchase from the , should you be unable to enroll and enjoy our popular Northern Nevada workshop.

The body of a good essay usually consists of several paragraphs.

We are now ready to try this strategy in our workshop. The groups are asked to brainstorm possible fifth elements topics, then to write sentences about their "fifth elements" that use the advice (and possibly the sentence styles documented) on their own posters.