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This aid crushed the Soviet dream of a communist Europe and started the Cold War.

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It was the response Truman gave to Britain, which delcared that they no longer could give military and economic aid to Greece.(9) In this speech Truman finally gave the Cold War official status, by stating the threat that the Soviet government had on national security.

The war was not actually “cold” though, the war was very real and very dangerous....

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This treaty showed a clear division of Communism verses Capitalism, and it declared that an attack against one of these nations would be an attack on all of them.(16) Thus, the United States used this treaty to escalate the cold War by showing the Soviet Union that all of the NATO countries sided with the US in the Cold War.

58) It was a time when the Cold War was at its height and nuclear weapons a mass threat and source of power.

The cold war involved a contest of ideologies that intensified after the two great powers, America and the Soviet Union started competing for friendship from dozens of new sovereign states that had previously been colonial powers....

The Cold War was both created and prolonged by the interconnected economic and ideological tensions of the East and West Blocs.

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In the aftermath of World War II, the United States created a new weapon to assist in fighting the Cold War: the . In addition to gathering information on Soviet plans and maneuvers, the CIA also involved itself in covert operations designed to prevent communist dictators from rising to power.

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Thus, as propaganda this book increased the general anticommunist attitude of the American public.(20) Moreover, Hollywood began to produce anti-Communist films such as The Red Menace, which increased a fear of communism in the United States.(21) Thus, the actions of the American government, journalist, and media increased the general anti-Communist support for the Cold War.

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These broadcasts blatantly attempted to degrade communism, that they were never allowed to be transmitted in America.(24) Therefore, the overall actions of the United States clearly reports propaganda to increase support for the Cold War, which dominated American foreign policy for decades.

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and Ford's policy of détente had succeeded in opening up friendly relations with communist China and lessening tensions with the Soviet Union. The prospect of the Cold War exploding into World War III seemed less threatening than at any time since 1948. Carter hoped to use this moment of opportunity to shift America's foreign policy further away from confrontation with foreign enemies and toward a more proactive pursuit of positive aims.

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However, one of the noteworthy aspects of the Cold War was that none of the sides was ready to face a direct conflict, and tried hard to avoid the nuclear war as much as possible.

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This region came to be known as the East Germany.

➡ The Western region of Germany (known as the West Germany) was ruled by the Allies (US, UK, and France), and remained under the rule for nearly 40 years.

➡ The Government of East Germany erected the 1 in 1961 to prevent the flow of East Germans to West Germany.

➡ In 1949, West Germany became the Federal Republic of Germany, and Communist East Germany became the German Democratic Republic.

➡ Berlin, specifically the Berlin Wall, became a symbol of Cold War and division of Germany and Europe.

➡ The United States adopted the policy of Containment to stop communism from spreading in other parts of the world.