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Just want to say thanks!
I’ve not long got my first RBA, a SQuape Reloaded, needed glass and wanted a decent capacity. Nice and easy to build. I was recommended 30 and 35 guage kanthal for a warm vape. The difference in flavour is astounding, also upgraded mod to a Super T workhorse from a VTR. Your article and subsequent answers have given me the information I was looking for around wire sizes and ohm output! There doesn’t seem to be anyone else out there doing this. Yes, we could learn by trial and error, but you’ve really nailed the big questions around wraps and build and given me at least a great foundation to build on (pun intended). AWESOME article 🙂

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When I finally did decide to get into RBAs, I made the foolish mistake of starting out on an AGA T2, probably one of the more difficult genesis atomizers to coil. I got so frustrated during the process that I didn’t try to wrap another coil for weeks.

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They say Chinese authorities are a long way from exhausting monetary and fiscal policy measures to maintain growth rates around 7 per cent.
“The market is concerned about many things, but China running out of options is not one we should be worried about, in our view,” they said.”As these anticipated easing measures are delivered, the economy should be on track for a modest recovery in the second half of 2015.
“We maintain our full-year GDP forecast at 7.1 per cent.”Questions:
1. Following the stock market fall in Australia, market tradersbelievethat there is now an increased chance of an interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank.
Based on this view, explain the causal links between falling share prices and its possible effect on the real economy in Australia.

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The RBAs balancing act comes as all other economic signals indicate further rate cuts are more than just a possibility this year, however further cuts to the historic low interest rate may continue to fuel this Sydney residential housing “bubble” at a time when personal debt levels are also at very high levels again.

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So, heres the thing. Ive used every kind of rba there is and all the basic sizes of kanthal as well as many different types of wicks and I while I do find that cotton is the best by far, I often still struggle with knowing what ohm to use in certain atomizers and most of all… whats the right amount of cotton to use. Seems like I get a bad taste sometimes and I CAN never decern the difference between a good build and a bad one other than the taste. Everything else will seem perfect. So its gotta be the amount of cotton I think. That or the size of my coils. i dunno, but I wish I could get consistancy. I dont have anyone else that vapes to compare methods with as its just me that vapes out of people I know, although Ive been vaping for a year and a half

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For new or less experienced vapers, RBAs can seem confusing and over-complicated. I was there myself – I had just gotten into the world of variable voltage, and I was still using carto tanks and pre-coiled clearomizers. While they did work, I never felt fully satisfied because I knew there was a better way.

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Interest rate changes are considered a “blunt” monetary policy instrument and therefore the RBA will have to consider the broader Australian economy, as they can’t laser target particular areas of the economy with interest rate changes.