Public Relations: The Empirical Research on Practitioner Ethics.

From mass media to public relations, every kind of company has a code of ethics.

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business ethics conducted by Brenner and Molander, respondents reported that the behavior of ones superiors was a primary influence on the making of unethical decisions (Pratt, "Empirical," 233).The only way for public relations practitioners to rid themselves of this unethical behavior is to come up with plausible solutions.

This essay considers the tool used by the spin doctoring team to engage and steer public opinion.

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professor delivered a lecture on ethics in the field of public relations; it was this oxymoron that enticed me into researching and proposing a solution to negative connotation that often plagues public relations practitioners.Contemporary public relations is a twentieth-century phenomenon that evolved from the press gentry of the 1800s.

Recent business and communication scandalshave emphasized the importance of honest,fair and transparent public relations, which is amust in today’s business environment. One ofthe greatest challenges for public relations professionalsis to demonstrate and prove thatnew ways of thinking and new practices are indeedfounded on ethical principles. New-generationprofessionals should follow honestpractices to build a fundamental trust betweenpublics and organizations. This transparencyrequires ethical decision-making and an increasinglyinfluential role at the table wheredecisions are made.

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Anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that publicrelations educators and professionals arerecognizing the increasing importance andcomplexity of public relations ethics in the 21Century. Exciting new research is being reportednot only by senior scholars, but also byyounger scholars who have made ethics an importantand, in some cases, primary part oftheir research agendas.

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And it has become abundantly obvious thatpublic relations cannot be viewed as a “massmedia” career bound by traditional mediaethics. Rather, it must be seen as a professionof counselors who help to create and maintainan organization’s relationships with its stakeholdersand with society at large throughmeans that extend far beyond practitioners’ historicexpertise in sending messages through themass media. Public relations practitioners arecounselors who are knowledgeable–theoreticallyas well as technically–about communicationin its broadest and most philosophicalsense. The ethical issues of public relations,therefore, extend beyond those of the massmedia. Coursework and instruction dedicatedto mass media ethics cannot fully satisfy theneeds of public relations professional education.

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Pick any 2 cases from Chapters 3-7, Wrench, et all. These cases involve “Public Relations Ethics” scenarios. Post your case analyses of any two cases (discuss separately first and together by the end of the discussion so that you can show off your individual case analysis and your discussion of ethics and public relations in general. the professor wrote that when you the the assignment

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The Commission notes that professional ethicsare predicated upon the personal ethics ofeveryone who is part of the public relationsprofessional community. Public relations iconBetsy Plank, who has been a leading memberof the Commission since its inception, perhapssays this best: