Via Siberia-Alaska (15 kya by boat, 11 kya by land)

 and a group of about 300 leave Africa and colonize the rest of Earth.

Sumerian wheat yields decline by 42% between 2400 and 2100 BCE.

"The US should bomb the Afghan infrastructure to rubble - the airport, the power plants, their water facilities, the roads. The Afghans are responsible for the Taliban. We should not target civilians, but if they don't rise up against this criminal government, they starve, period."

in Anatolia, Balkans, or Caucasus.

, and Egypt comes under Roman rule the next year.

Lack of readily plunderable gold and silver spared North America's natives from immediate, violent conquest. Coronado and Soto invaded North America, looking for the El Dorado, but none was discovered. Nevertheless, the diseases they brought along devastated North America's natives, destroying many tribes and civilizations before they even saw white men.

A village that began with shepherds’ huts becomes the city called Rome.

Nazi disaster at Stalingrad late in the year. Father of George Bush the First because it helped arm and finance Nazi Germany. The Rockefeller Empire, , escapes that fate.

Etruscan civilization is at its peak influence, to eventually fall to neighboring states.

Muhammad born, founder of Islam.

The UK begins exploitation of China with first Opium War, and forces opium addiction on China by also forcing the region into opium production.

Fourth Crusade ends up sacking its “ally” Constantinople.

After years of battles and exile, and his troops overthrow the Spanish Crown in 1819 in New Granada, now called Colombia. It is the first successful Latin American revolution, and Bolivar becomes Colombia’s first president. Bolivar seeks to unite South America on the model of North America’s United States, and the plan fails.

Europe is gripped by that lasts until 1317.

by the American Commodore Perry forces Japan into the world economy. Expanding rail system allows mass “hunting” and from American Midwest to markets in east. Passenger pigeon population begins collapsing. Seal fur trade collapses in North Atlantic. begins, in the first great struggle of the great European powers, which would eventually lead to the World Wars of the 20th century.

The Pope “awards” the Canary Islands to Castile.

’s troops slaughter Black Kettle’s Cheyenne tribe in dawn attack. Revolution in Japan leads to a unified nation, and Japan begins playing catch-up with the West.

, the Azores in 1427, and the Cape Verde Islands in 1450.

“” runs out at the Little Big Horn. El Niño-caused drought that lasts three years, combined with European export crop imperialism, , causes as many as 30 million deaths from starvation and disease. Japan forces trade agreement on Korea; similar to what Perry did to Japan in 1853.

Itzcoatl leads Mexica to military victory and Aztec Empire begins.

, ending Native American resistance to the USA's land theft. Extermination of Plains Indian sustenance, the bison, is also complete, as only 23 animals survive in the wild, compared to 40 to 60 million before the white man’s invasion.