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Flagg, A. 2002.

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Nursing industry is large and ranges from patients and other institutions from businesses to government. There are several issues, especially financial, confronted by the nurses creating shortage of nurses and decreasing patient-nurse ratio. Moreover, the working conditions in which they work are not considered satisfactory contributing to the phenomenon of shortfall. These problems should be resolved by the private businesses and also at the governmental level that should include fixing funding/problem. Many nurses today are not able to benefit from the retirement benefit plans including bonus. Furthermore, several compensation issues are being confronted by the nurses that also impede the quality of work. Compared with other fields, the wage-rate of nurses is not competitive. The annual increase-rate of wages is also comparatively low for nurses. Reasons for low-wage rate include the current global recession being faced by most of the companies increasing cost of businesses. Compensation for nurses is a phenomenon contributing to the gravity of nursing shortage. Set of compensations for nurses include their salaries but also room, transportation, laundry etc. It means that compensation not only includes money but also different other tangible as well as intangible benefits. (Gatford 101) The low-wage rate, high stress in job, unattractive end-service benefits like pensions, and unsatisfactory working conditions are creating dissatisfaction among nurses. Pension schemes offered by the institutions focus on providing affordable as well as sustainable incomes to the people after retirement. It is pertinent to highlight that pension plans and different other health benefits offered by the institutions are not satisfactory and has become one of the major concerns for the nurses. Furthermore, the mobility of nurses from one organization to other also reduces the chances of getting considerable benefits from one employer. Therefore compensation issues along with retirement benefits such as pension are creating shortage of nurses, increasing high rate of turnover and mobility to other professions impacting quality and quantity of healthcare services. (Barnett 113)

The United States has a poor history of discriminatory practices in the workplace.

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Everyone wants to be recognized for a job well done. The majority of employees say they feel happier and more engaged at work when their company acknowledges their efforts, according to . But the survey found that 40 percent of employees have not been recognized in any way in the past year. Experts agree that workplace engagement plays a huge role in retention and productivity, so it's in your best interest to make sure your employees feel appreciated. Here are to do that.

There are many different ways in which women are discriminated against in the workplace....

- Problems with Kids Who Kill research paper examines reasons why they say children kill others, which is due to any type of violence they may have watched or participated in during their lives.

Understanding the underlying causes of workplace problems can help savvy business owners.

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Another vital requirement when dealing with diversity is promoting a safe place for associates to communicate (Koonce 2001). Social gatherings and business meetings, where every member must listen and have the chance to speak, are good ways to create dialogues. Managers should implement policies such as mentoring programs to provide associates access to information and opportunities. Also, associates should never be denied necessary, constructive, critical feedback for learning about mistakes and successes (Flagg 2002).

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“You’re a stroppy little teenager!”
Yes! This was actually said by a manager to a young worker. It may sound innocent enough but when put before an Employment Tribunal, it was held that the manager was guilty of harassment on the basis of age.

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Esty, K., R. Griffin, and M. Schorr-Hirsh. 1995. Workplace diversity. A manager's guide to solving problems and turning diversity into a competitive advantage. Avon, MA: Adams Media Corporation.

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Managing diversity is about more than equal employment opportunity and affirmative action (Losyk 1996). Managers should expect change to be slow, while at the same time encouraging change (Koonce 2001).

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Gossiping to a colleague questioning the paternity of an employee’s unborn child.
Yes! This could amount to harassment on the grounds of sex.