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Health problems are obesity, chronic lung diseases and diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes....

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Those three lessons teach you the fundamental ways of writing an IELTS essay. They show you the variety of structures, flexible linking, how to plan and organise your essay and what the examiner is looking for. With those skills, you should be able to answer any essay. The solution essay is either:
solutions only
problems solutions
cause solutions
Just follow the instructions and organise your ideas into logical paragraphs.
For direct questions, you will have one, two or three questions. Just answer them directly. If it asks “is this positive OR negative” it is asking for your opinion and you must choose.
I hope to have more advanced lessons ready later this year or next year.

The word obesity is not the same as overweight. Obesity is a medical problem and very extreme.

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Obesity can be argued to be genetically predisposed and there is little governments and NGOs can do about this fact. It is true that some people are born with a higher probability of being overweight and eventually obese than others (Porps 73). However, such predisposition cannot be considered a purely “American problem” since it is almost equally spread amongst different races and ethnicities. Statistically, around 20% of people in the world suffer from obesity. However, this number is significantly higher for the US population. Thus, we need to look at those factors that could explain why the problem of obesity is more serious in America than in, for example, Germany, Russia, or Brazil. One of such factors is the factor of eating habits.

Oliver, Eric J. Fat Politics: The Real Story Behind America’s Obesity Epidemic. (London: Oxford University Press, 2006), 3–5.

One more important factor we often forget about when investigating the reasons for high obesity rates in the United States is the factor of portion size. Comparative studies have often proven the size of an average serving portion in America is many times higher than in the majority of other countries. For instance, one portion of pasta in an average American middle-class restaurant can be split into 3.6 Japanese portions, 3.2 Chinese portions, 3.1 French portions, 2.8 Russian portions, 2.3 Polish portions and 2.2 Italian portions (Kin 21). Do Americans need to eat this much? We are not the tallest or the most active nation in the world, but for some reason, we consume twice as much as the Dutch, who ride bicycles while we drive cars, or the Russians, who walk by foot an average of 2.9 miles a day while we barely do half a mile. Americans are getting used to eating more than their body needs since early childhood. Next time we go to a restaurant to order a full bowl of salad followed by a huge plate of spaghetti and a glass of ice tea, we need to remind ourselves how our stomachs are only the size of an average man’s fist normally, but not if you stuff it with loads of food.

Acknowledging that obesity is a preventable disease should help lower the number of children affected by it.

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It is a solution essay. Sometimes they ask for causes and solutions and sometimes they only ask for solutions. All you need to do is present the possible solutions to the problem given.

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Statistics shows that obesity is on the increase and the pressure could be felt on the healthcare system. In my opinion, i agree that the introduction of more physical education lessons in the school curriculum will go a long way in solving this problem.

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I am still waiting for a response from your side.
In the meanwhile, I’ a bit confused after watching several tips or strategies using in task2. The thing is Could you please tell me the Essay structure will be same for all types : Like agree/disagree, Problem and solution, advantages and disadvantages, Discussion essay, Positive and negative.

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Obese people is increasing in the society and become a treat to everyone’s health. The health care system is trying to look for solutions to solve this issue. I agree that education in the schools will help alleviate the problem.

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I want to ask if I’m allowed to incorporate sayings or proverbs in my essay.
For example: “Obliging children to begin formal education earlier is no different from flogging the proverbial dead horse”.
Or: “As the saying goes: The devil makes work for idle hands”.

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