"Do Celebrities Forfeit the Right to Privacy?" Lawyers Weekly jan.

5. Should celebrities have a right to privacy?

Secondly, I will examine debates around these issues including self-identity & role models, privacy & public interest and censorship & freedom of speech....

Celebrities, or any public figure, have very limited privacy due to the paparazzi and media.

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Jennifer Lawrence notes the frequent scorn that celebrities are given when complaining about their lack of privacy. The argument that celebrities should have no privacy often boils down to the fact that people really enjoy celebrity gossip, that celebrities are rich and famous and thus get great benefits by being celebrities, and that celebrities somehow consented to this Faustian bargain by becoming celebrities. In other words, society gives celebrities a wonderful life and vast riches and demands as part of the price that the celebrities be placed in a fishbowl and watched by ogling eyes for society’s amusement.

Many people will argue that once they took that career path they gave up their right to privacy.

Courts do not always protect the press. A newspaper in Alabamapublished a photograph of a woman whose dress was lifted by jets of airat a Fun House at a county fair. The court ruled thatthe photograph, which showed her panties, had "legitimate newsinterest to the public" and upheld an award of $ 4166 to plaintiff, forinvasion of her privacy., 162 So.2d 474 (Ala. 1964).The facts are mentioned in the Restatement (Second) of Torts at§ 652B, illustration 7, but without a cite to the actual case.

Supreme Court recognized the protection of privacy interests under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the U.S.

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Trespass law and the tort of intrusion upon seclusion can protect against paparazzi to a limited extent. Trespass law is limited to areas where one has a property interest, so there’s little one can do when out in public. Intrusion upon seclusion protects against invading a person’s privacy, though courts have generally held that people lack an expectation of privacy in public places. California has an Anti-Paparazzi law, but it focuses on instances when people have “a reasonable expectation of privacy,” and that brings in much of the baggage of courts reluctant to protect privacy in public.

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Because the store receives money from selling information on purchasesof people, customers who desire privacy arguably should pay a fee to thestore to offset the store's loss of income. On the other hand, one canargue that the store has no legitimate right to sell such information,therefore, any income from the sale of information is wrongful.

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