Banning Prayer in Public Schools Has Led to America's Demise

Many people honestly believe that prayer is not allowed in the public schools.

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So you think prayer should be back in school? What about those who don’t pray to “God”? Should they be allowed to pray as well – or not because well, christianity is the only way, and you all are too involved in your fiction to pay attention and respect anyone else’s views…

how can people with different religons practice there belifes but we cant pray in school

Religion and prayer in U.S. public school systems

The battle has been drawn over this and the “godly” side seems to be able to lie very well to get their point across. By saying God isn’t allowed in schools or that prayer is banned in schools is a blatant lie to get people to action. If your child or teacher has God in their heart, then God is already allowed in school. We tell our kids that the best way to witness to someone is to do the right thing all the time, even when they don’t think anyone is looking. Be a good kid and others will know it without being told.

ok while reading this i cried this is terrible we need prayer in school terribly

If prayer returns, it will only lead to bullying from atheists toward Christians and excuses for children to ridicule God’s word while in school. School prayer has no gain from anyone.

well if taking prayer out of school isn’t helping then maybe some parents need to get off the pot and take control of their kids.

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How bad did Daniel in the Bible want to pray? Bad enough that he was willing to put his life on the line. How many Christians “really” want prayer in school? How many are willing to go to prison for standing up? And if they put all the Christians in prison for praying – then who will pay the taxes to support the prisons?

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Christians, stop blaming the government and the atheist for taking prayer out of the schools. Fact: if you’re a “person of prayer” – then no one can stop you from praying unless you give them permission to do so.

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I appreciated all the comments on this article. Some great perspectives. Non the less I think that the decision to remove prayer from schools was spiritually significant to our nation. Of course no one really knows what another is praying privately, nor should they. Of course many who pray public prayers in school or anywhere else niether believe what they pray nor live it out in thier daily lives. The significance of this ruling is that it “officially” removes the practice of invocation of God’s presence, power and guidance over us. Our national decline in morality was in place long before this decision made it official. The ruling simply puts an official stamp on our national desire to rule ourselves and not be ruled by the creator of the universe. The key to changing all this, if it even can be done (and I have my doubts) is for those who claim to love God and are called Christians, to look in our own hearts and ask God to forgive our sins. The sins of us Christians are the reason for removal of God’s blessing and the precursor to offical rulings like the one in 1962. If our hearts are broken over sin, and we pray to be humbled, find God, and completely give our wills to Him, then God Himself will reverse these trends. If not, our nation will perish. I expect we are not far from that day.

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Let’s not blame the lack of prayer in school against the late Madeleine O’hare. She and all of her followers (atheist/agnostics) are still in the minority – there are a lot more Christians (or at least a lot more claiming to be). And when I was in school no one stopped me from praying when I wanted to pray. If all the Christians in America decided to stop at 10:00 AM on Thursday and joined in a collective prayer – who’s going to stop them? How bad do we want to pray in school – that’s the question?

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I believe that prayer being banned from the public school systems was by far the most uneducated and most of all immoral thing that could have been done. Not only has it affected the schools it has also affected the homes and the homes and its inhabitants. Me being a young teen in school, have witnessed first hand to this and i can truly say that prayer should be allowed in schools. Every one does not have to pray if you choose not to then that is your choice. Please don’t let the ignorance of 10 people ruin a nations well being!!!