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In doing so one should also take into consideration South Africa’s historical context.

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do a essay on poverty is NOT a choice, and i'm blanking out, i have no clue what i should talk prove that poverty is not a choice but force.

The African government will have to go off the limits for tackling the issue of poverty here.

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Should the international community be concerned about illiteracy in Africa? The answer is yes. Global society should be interested in ending illiteracy to sustain growth of the global community. One of the first steps that should be taken in this direction is to ensure every child even in the most remote area has an opportunity to attend at least primary school or courses that teach writing, reading, and math essentials. By acquiring new knowledge, children of illiterate parents will have a better chance to take control over their lives and make a step out of poverty. We do not live in an isolated world and should not neglect those people who are less civilized or uneducated. After all, each of us is responsible for making a positive difference in this world.

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Most African nations do not have strong and long-lasting democratic traditions. In 1950, only four countries in Africa had their own governments, while the rest were colonies of European nations. The absence of strong democratic institutions means that those who come to power do not actually perform the will of their people. Many African leaders use their positions to increase their personal wealth, and do not care much about improving the life of the poor. Moreover, the underdevelopment of democratic institutions means that it is virtually impossible to remove such leaders from power through free elections. When ordinary people have almost no influence on governmental policy, it is hardly possible to ensure that the government will do the things these people need.

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The lack of accountability of African governments to their people is one of the causes that leads to the inefficient use of international aid. Another cause is the insufficient control by the institutions that provide this aid. Authoritarian governments that are not interested in real changes may only conduct incomplete, superficial reforms and still receive another tranche. Furthermore, they get used to relying on the money from abroad to reach their short-term goals, and lose the incentive to develop national economies.

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One of the reasons why Africa makes headlines every now and then is its long fight with poverty. It has become one of the most difficult problems ever faced by this part of the world and according to reports, there are more than 500 million people in Africa who are living under extreme poor conditions. Poverty seems to be a long and difficult battle here and there are several NGOs and international aid programs which are putting their best efforts forward for eradicating poverty from Africa. Let us take a look at some of the crucial factors which have put this continent under such extreme poverty.

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There are very few lending companies as well as programs in Africa which are willing to provide financial aid to the poor people. The problem arises when the very poor part of the society here is unable to get bank loans or credit/ debit cards, which they could use for the purpose of purchasing commodities of everyday use.


As the first significant act of segregation legislation in South Africa’s history, the Natives’ Land Act also put restrictions on the purchasing of land for both whites and blacks.