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Statistically, the poor are more likely to be incarcerated, which superficially seems to justify their distrust of the police and the prison system. In particular, urban blacks and Hispanics are overrepresented in U.S. prisons: in the 1980s, although blacks comprised only 12 of the nation’s population, they represented 48 percent of all prison inmates; 51 percent of black males in large urban areas had been arrested at least once for an “index crime—murder, aggravated assault, forcible rape, robbery, car theft—compared to only 14 percent of white males in the same areas. Likewise, in the 1980s Hispanics comprised only 6 percent of the population but represented 12 percent of all arrests, and Hispanic males represented 11 percent of the nation’s male prison population. Scholars disagree on the effect of racism in this statistical discrepancy, but it is not a coincidence that these groups also represent a significant portion of America’s poor. Although America no longer explicitly incarcerates the poor in debtor’s prisons, poverty remains an indicator of social infirmity because of the continued perception that poverty and crime are irrevocably joined.

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Ultimately neighborhoods are a vast collection of people and cultures mixed together trying to accomplish the common goal of staying above the poverty line. I think the goal is to maintain security for oneself and if there is a family involved also one's family. Through the journey of continuing financial security there are obstacles that hamper the flow of daily life, and these range anywhere from being fired on the job to never having a job at all. The evidence I have observed in this essay seems to put fourth the same idea that joblessness may come at any point in time. And also that the condition of joblessness for men often leads to a life of crime, most commonly in gangs. No matter what the condition may be each individual must work to stay out of the urban underclass which is filled with crime and poverty. Otherwise the statistics are not favorable that an individual will come out of poverty once already their (Tucker 338). So one final projection would suggest to do all that one can to help the jobless not giving them a chance to join gangs and add to the statistics of the urban underclass.

Because of the vastness of the problem, many have speculated what the cause for crime may be in hopes that a solution will be found.

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The problem in its most simple form is crime, however, this is evident as a problem that demands improvement in nearly every country throughout the world, so this essay will look closely at the crime problem that has become synonymous with modern day urban America - gang crime....

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Almost everyone agrees that joblessness alone is not sufficient to make a man a member of the underclass. It is the combination of joblessness and poverty that defines the jobless underclass (Hunzeker 28). And it does not necessarily mean that we should exclude from the underclass every chronically jobless man whose family has an income above the poverty line. If a permanently jobless man has no income of his own, lives with his parents or siblings, and escapes poverty only because their income is above the poverty line, we might want to include him in the jobless underclass. Likewise, if a man lives alone, works diligently, and earns just enough to stay above the official poverty line for a single man in 1988), we might want to include him in the underclass (Watts 45). As a first approximation, however, excluding those who are not poor from the underclass surely makes more sense than including them. Thus joblessness and poverty come in consequence with one another. It would seem logical that if there were a large concentration of jobless individuals in a specific concentration it would be very poor... right?

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The United States witnesses a significant growth in the size of its urban underclass each year. A number of sources explain that the percentage of the population persistently poor is large and rapidly increasing, that more and more teenage males are joining gangs, and that the need for welfare is exploding in cities (Jandowski The federal government classifies people as poor if their reported family income for the previous calendar year was less than the official poverty line (Tucker 339). The poverty line, which varies with family size and the age of family members, was created in 1965 and supposedly tied the cost to a nutritionally adequate diet. It is also frequently alleged by Pamela Irving Jackson that crime is on the increase, young people are dropping out of school in record numbers, and higher percentages of the population are withdrawing from the labor force. The poor are also increasingly isolated in ghettos at the cores of our metropolitan areas. The question we will look to answer becomes, is there a link among crime, joblessness and the urban underclass? If so, what can the government do to take control of the number of people who are living in poverty? By viewing urban neighborhoods all over the country its evident crime along with joblessness creates an underclass that lives in urban cities today. This essay will strictly focus on jobless males and their relationship in gangs and the world of crime in urban cities, and how the combination of joblessness and crime within our neighborhoods creates a poor society.

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His ideas are alike to so many young adults who are jobless in today's urban centers. Gangs provide a way out of poverty for particular poor people, however in the mix they are brought into a world of crime (Erikson 616). Gangs are assumed to be associated with crime in our culture and through the quote above it's in part possible that ultimately joblessness may lead to crime. There is no definitive way to control people from resorting to crime as a way to get out of poverty. I believe all the government can do for the inner cities is offer appealing welfare programs that not only give money to the needy but also add incentives and motivation for the poor to obtain jobs in our work force.