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4. In order to seriously address environmental problems we must stop U.S. population growth.

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4. Contact your legislators and let them know that you want immigration laws enforced and do not support an amnesty that will add millions of people to an already overpopulated United States. Amnesty will increase population by encouraging even more immigration. Consider that at least 98 percent of California's present growth is from direct immigration and births to immigrants.

These non-oppressive policies appear to be sufficient to control the population -- and Holdren's decades-long panic attack seems to be unfounded.

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In 2007, the former U.S. Census Director from 1994-1998, Martha Farnsworth Riche, said video that immigration accounts for maybe 1/2 of the U.S. population growth, the birth rate is at replacement level, and the primary source of population growth occurs because people are not dying as young as they used to. The video is from an online course called the Habitable Planet.

In Europe and North America, ageing populations and a shortage of nurses and doctors are driving the demand for health workers.

The survey suffers from very small samples in some with the most recent immigrant populations. The data are consistent with pattern in which Latino migrants move from immigrant-heavy states to new frontiers like Pennsylvania in search of jobs.

Some of these have been implemented in crowded Singapore, whose population program has been counted as one of the most successful.

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Environmental organizations promote "sustainability" but a population of 300 million growing by approximately four million a year is not sustainable. A truly long-term sustainable population without cheap oil is probably 150 to 200 million. The larger the U.S. population grows the more difficult it is going to be to achieve a sustainable population.

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Why have environmental organizations abandoned dealing with population growth? Fertility rates dropped in the 1970s to 1.75, which is below replacement level, and it appeared to some that population growth would take care of itself. Abortion, contraception, and women's issues entered into politics, and these became very divisive and a focus of attention. It also became clear, that immigration was the driving force of our population growth with some 70% to 90% of our population growth since 1970 due to historically high immigration levels and the descendents of these immigrants. Environmental leaders do not want, to be seen as racist, although wanting to protect the environment has nothing to do with racism. Funding became an issue, with some donors and foundations threatening loss of funds if an environmental organization talked about population and/or immigration.

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A survey of 1,000 voters nationally, conducted Sep. 18-24 by The Polling Company/Woman Trend, reveals great discomfort about the rapid U.S. population growth being caused by federal immigration policies.

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Several authors have written that population size and growth is of major concern including Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth, James Kuntstler in The Long Emergency, Sandra Postel in Saving the Planet, Lester Brown in Plan B Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble, James Speth in Red Sky at Morning, America and the Crisis of the Global Environment, and Garret Hardin in Our Population Myopia. Why is it that well-respected environmentalists can make movies, and write and sing about population growth but our environmental organizations seem tongue-tied when it comes to discussing it?

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National environmental organizations acknowledge put almost no resources into addressing this concern. In Vermont, only two of 25 environmental organizations have publicly acknowledged that population growth is a contributor to our environmental problems.