Plagiarism can happen without realizing what you have done.

They must know what it is, why it is wrong, and how to avoid plagiarism.
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Many believe that the internet is the “number one sociable force which leads students to plagiarize.” (Mayfield, 2001, p1) There is an increasing number of online cheating websites which students use....

Descriptions are made as to what defines plagiarism and ways to avoid plagiarism.
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One site I used for my research actually explained the different types of plagiarism; the first type is Complete Plagiarism, This is the most obvious case: a student submits, as his or her own work, an essay that has been written by someone else.

How can the mention of plagiarism be so consequential if no one really knows what it means.
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With plagiarism becoming commonplace in colleges and universities, teachers have begun to restrict what can and cannot be submitted to fulfill assignment requirements....

What is the difference between intentional and unintentional plagiarism.
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Plagiarism is when youtake someone else’s work and claim it as yourself; so I don’t think you can plagiarize yourself, since you are giving yourself credit. Also, there are few chances that the scholarship and college application will be viewed together unless one of the agency checks to see if it’s online.

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Not all plagiarism is intentional amongst students. There can also be grey areas where it is difficult to decide whether something has been plagiarised or not. and are two free online tools that will check your essay to ensure that you are not inadvertently plagiarising someone else’s work. And of course, when you are hard at work crafting your own text, WhiteSmoke's can help you ensure your grammar is accurate. For a quick edit, you can try WhiteSmoke's free online and !

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Some students are fearful that this technology has a tendency to pick up strings of words that may not have in fact been plagiarized. But as long as admissions officers then review the batch of applications suspected of plagiarism, there should be no reason to fear if you are not guilty of lifting words, sentences, paragraphs, or entire essays!