Compare Barry's humor to Sedaris's plague of tics.

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Please find, identify, and explain the various cultural references Alexie makes in his story. He refers to many famous people, places, and other cultural references – and without understanding them, your understanding of the story will be limited. For example, in his first line he mentions both Shakespeare as well as Sitting Bull. Who were Shakespeare and Sitting Bull? What would either of them know about treaties, or broken treaties, specifically? Why might those particular famous people be referenced in the context of this story? Those are the kinds of investigations you need to undertake and then post/discuss. There are many other references, but a few are: Cost of Living raise, Big Mom Singer, Emily Dickinson, “back of her milk carton,” Zane Grey, Primo Levi, Wiesel, Belgium, Willie Loman, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Schultz photograph, Runnette poem, Geronimo, Milton, Blake, Microsoft, Bill Gates, Botticelli, Frankenstein, and Hamlet.

b. “On Being a Cripple” by Nancy Mairs and “A Plague of Tics” by David Sedaris

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Director Robin Hardy

Cast Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Britt EklandSun, sex and satanic ScotsThe pagan folk revival of the late 1960s and early ’70s was easy to express in music: all you needed was a cape, beard, acoustic guitar and a crumhorn player in winklepickers. In film, it was a different matter: what sane production company was likely to shell out thousands for tales of earth-worship and mystic rites, especially when the target audience was a) notoriously cash-strapped and b) largely confined to rambling country cottages miles from the nearest picture palace? To be fair, Robin Hardy did his best to make ‘The Wicker Man’ a commercial prospect, roping in Hammer legends Christopher Lee and Ingrid Pitt, TV icon Edward Woodward and tabloid eye candy Britt Ekland to help pull in the punters. That the resulting film was still compulsively weird, highly atmospheric and a total financial disaster is testament to Hardy’s misjudgment of the marketplace. That its rediscovery continues to gather pace almost four decades later is testament to his skill as a filmmaker.

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The interplay between fraternal and maternal genes has consequences for mental illnesses as well. It has long been established that most people with mental disorders have a genetic predisposition to their woes. We know this because mental disorders run in families. However, it is now evident that the predispositions to certain medical disorders are predictors of mental disorders in family members, and that family genetics contribute to mood, behavior, and mental well-being.

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