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=====What factors do you think contribute to cheating and plagiarism?=====

Plagiarism in Essay Writing Is Form of Cheating. Do …

NO! Being a company that promotes such values as intellectual rights and agreed usage, we feel very strongly against databases of documents that do not belong to us. Any file that is stored on our server is only accessible to the person who uploaded it for the period of one month. After that time, we will perform a scheduled clean-up and a file will be deleted. Customers can download their ready plagiarism reports in pdf format.

Particularly relevant to cheating and plagiarism are their pages on  and .

Plagiarism in Essay Writing Is Form of Cheating

There is no free lunch out there, really. If you upload your file for a free plagiarism check, be sure it will be added to a database and later either sold online or used in another way without your consent. A penny that you are trying to save on a plagiarism detector might cost you a dollar in the future.

Cheating is on the rise, but schools and colleges are not far behind with ways of dealing with it.

As a mother, I have instilled in my kids the concept that I would rather they fail than cheat. Plagiarism is one of the worst moral crimes I can think of that doesn’t involve sex. In fact, I boke up with a boyfriend in college because he did not agree with me that a friend of ours who plagiarized a paper should be failed for the course, have all of their future papers submitted for review and be placed on academic probation. The person involved was studying to be an English teacher and I believed that she should have been tossed from the major. This was before computers.

The only way to explain the frequency of students plagiarizing is to blame the schools for not enforcing and teaching the rules....

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The story features interviews with faculty members John Lachs (Philosophy), Andy Van Schaack (HOD) about how they deal with cheating and plagiarism.

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We offer two types of accounts. Our personal account gives you the access to check 15,000 words for plagiarism. It is about full 80 pages of text. Usually, it is enough for the entire semester (5-6 months) to check written works for all classes for an average student. It is also a perfect solution for bloggers who can check up to 100 of their blog entries. Our organization account gives the access to scan 100,000 words within one master account, including all sub-accounts and groups. Each time a search for plagiarism is performed, the account balance is being debited for the amount of words the document contained. Account balance can be refilled at any moment, keeping your previous account history and settings.

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