Many, like myself, consider prostitution to be a victimless crime.

Is it a physical and emotional intimacy and private expression of love between two people.

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In an article entitled “Should Prostitution be Legalized”, both of the opposing views are addressed.

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Types of Human Trafficking
Sex trafficking is the force or coercion of individuals into the commercial sex trade against their will. This may be interpreted simply as prostitution but sex trafficking is inclusive of a broad range of examples such as residential brothels, hostess clubs, online escort services, fake massage businesses, strip clubs, and also street prostitution (Sex Trafficking in the U.S.). The exposure to the sex trade puts the victim at a greatly increased risk to other harms such as rape, torture, sexualized mutilation and death (Rubio-Marín, 2006, p339) While sex trafficking is undoubtedly the more lurid and most written about form of abuse, we should be equally concerned with the more hidden forms of human trafficking that deceive human beings and lure victims into an inescapable web of sweat and debt.

Would society lose decades of progress in human rights and improving the status of women by legalizing prostitution....

Prostitution involves commercial sex, where individuals make a living by having sex with different partners. This is an immoral act, which goes against the ethics of several religions and cultures. Legalizing prostitution will be legalizing promiscuity, which destroys many families and brings about social instability. This is because it threatens the marriage institution since most clients are married men. This will degrade the society’s morals, exposing children to immoral practices from a young age. Legalizing prostitution can also lead to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The government spends a lot of money to curb the sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDs epidemic. This happens even when prostitution is illegal. Most individuals ignore the use of protection when having sex with prostitutes. These prostitutes have multiple sex partners and thus they can act as a good route of transmission for these diseases. Legalizing prostitution can also increase the instances of human trafficking. This is because owners of prostitution agencies may run out of willing prostitutes and thus force young men and women into this practice. Other young people may choose this profession because of hard economic situations. Thus, prostitution is not always a free choice for all the people involved.

However, if society would consider taking a responsible view towards prostitution these risks could be lessened....

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This only can suggest that the legalization of prostitution can and will improve the cleanliness of the entire industry by reducing the amount of diseases carried by sex workers drastically....

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Some researchers confirm that prostitution is indeed the most ancient profession, while others argue with it; however, everybody agrees that trading sex for money has existed for quite a while.

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Proponents of prostitution argue that prostitution is good way of increasing the government’s revenue. Thus, legalizing prostitution would create employment opportunities, and increase tax returns for the government. The proponents also believe that prostitution is should be legal since it is a harmless act. Legalizing the practice would help the government control the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and underage sex workers through reverse psychology. In this case, making the act of prostitution legal would increase the number of women willing to work, improve the conditions under which they practice, and reduce the number of men willing to seek their services. On the other hand, the government has several alternatives for creating job opportunities for its citizens without undermining the morals of the society. Embracing these alternatives will help the government raise its taxes without sacrificing the decency of its citizens. Prostitution is harmful since it affects the families of those involved. It also exposes them to several health risks and this makes it harmful. Further, if reverse psychology principles were a good alternative, then so many people would not be still eating junk food at McDonalds. This implies that making prostitution readily accessible and available may not reduce the art of the practice. Concisely, prostitution degrades the morals of the society by making women mere sex objects and increasing the rate of STD transmission. Thus, this practice should not be legalized.