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Famed actor, singer, and social activist Paul Robeson lived much of his life in Philadelphia.

Paul Robeson: Essays on His Life and Legacy.

Paul's mother was a member of the distinguished Bustill family of Philadelphia, which included patriots in the Revolutionary War, helped found the Free African Society, and maintained agents in the Underground Railroad.At 17 Robeson won a scholarship to Rutgers University, where he was considered an athlete "without equal." He won an incomparable 12 major letters in 4 years.

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But Hitler and Mussolini sent in more planes, troops and technicians and Republican forces with their old rifles, few planes, machine guns or cannons, were outgunned and running out of luck. “Save Spain” rallies were organized in London and Paul Robeson and his wife Essie flew in to participate. The first rally was sponsored by such notables as W.H. Auden, Virginia Wolff and H.G. Wells. But it was Robeson’s rich baritone that delivered the night’s most memorable speech. He spoke from deep conviction:

Paul Leroy Robeson was born in 1898 in Princeton, New Jersey, to William Drew Robeson and Maria Louisa Bustill. In 1915 he enrolled at Rutgers College, New Jersey, and in 1920 he entered Columbia University Law School. In 1922 he married his life-long partner Eslanda 'Essie' Cardozo Goode, and the following year he graduated from Columbia. Robeson launched his acting career in 1920 - a career that brought him to London in 1922, and again in 1925 to star in the Eugene O'Neill Play, The Emperor Jones.