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has dedicated a large part of his life to research into the lives of his parents Lee MILLER & Roland PENROSE and their circle of artists friends. He lectures from the unique stand point of a person who personally knew many of the artists and illustrates his talks with documents and images from the Lee Miller Archives and The Penrose Collection.

An accredited NADFAS lecturer, he has also lectured for institutions such as the V&A, Tate Britain, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Museu Picasso Barcelona, Museum Ludwig and The Art Gallery of Ontario.

He also presents study days and contributes to seminars. One of his performance pieces, The Angel and The Fiend on the life of Lee Miller, has been staged widely in the USA and UK.

For available lectures, seminar & performance details please see catalogue below.
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Pablo Picasso defined the difficulty of being a modern artist better than anyone. “Beginning with Van Gogh,” he said, “however...

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Thanks to the efforts of the New York Times journalist, Georges Steer, a Republican sympathiser, the horrors of April 26th were brought to the attention of the world. It also sparked the attention of Pablo Picasso, who was working on a painting for the Paris Exhibition of 1937, a painting which he had been asked to do by the Spanish government. However after hearing about the tragedy in Guernica, Picasso decided to change his idea altogether. The painting was then unveiled at the Paris Exhibition, however it received very little interest.

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the goring of the horse in the bullfight was a favourite subject for Picasso and has strong sexual overtones.This image, like the concealed caricature of Hitler (not discussed in this article) was first identified by Mel Becraft, the inspired Guernica scholar and author of "Picasso's Guernica, Images within Images" (1987, 2nd Ed.)All these findings have come about from studying the "unauthenticated" 1934 Picasso drawing. Published in the interests of cultural and artistic understanding.

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