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As academics in Ireland and those working abroad, we write to express our solidarity with the students currently taking action at the National College of Art and Design [Dublin. We are concerned by the continued corporatisation that has consumed higher education in recent years. This has led to shortsighted management decisions based on little more than a drive to ‘balance the books’.
We urgently need another model of what higher education might be – one guided by the pursuit of learning rather than the pursuit of profit, driven by radical enquiry rather than bogus metrics, and committed to creating a space in which everyone who teaches, works and learns is afforded the entitlement and responsibility of equality. The students who are now taking action at NCAD, like those elsewhere in Europe right now, are committed to exploring the possibility of that other model. We give them our support at this time.

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Really have enjoyed all of your recent talks
Especially the one on the collective podcast!
I started my design career in the skateboard industry and have since moved on. Being familiar with skate companies and people involved I find myself a little lost on where to network outside of that with other designers.
Have ideas on where to network?
Thanks for your time
Chad -

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huge fan of your work right now im a graphics design student at Bradford college ( from the uk) i’m writing my essay about you and comparing and contrasting you with Paul Rand .you as the contemporary artist and rand as the modernist.i was hopping for some work you have done and explaining the steps and the process you take doing those designs would be a huge help if your not to busy sir. thank you for your time

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