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Fletcher Prouty, a retired Air Force Colonel, was the model for Oliver Stone’s Mr.

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Well before the advent of the Hollywood pseudo documentary, Karl Marx suggested that all great events and personalities in world history happen twice: "the first time as tragedy, the second as farce." Oliver Stone's film "JFK" repesents the second coming of Jim Garrison.

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In the , George Will called a "three hour lie from an intellectual sociopath." Noam Chomsky dedicated an entire book – “Rethinking Camelot” – to debunking Stone’s notion that under Kennedy the history of Southeast Asia would have been altogether kinder and gentler. Leslie Gelb sneered from the pages of the that the "torments" of Presidents Kennedy and Johnson over Vietnam "are not to be trifled with by Oliver Stone or anyone." A banner headline on the cover of barked: "Why Oliver Stone’s New Movie Can't Be Trusted."

Stone’s investment in the figure of the president manifests itself in two ways: first, in the director’s fixation on Nixon as a symbol of the corrupt political landscape after President John Kennedy’s assassination, and, second, his fixation on Nixon as a symbol of a failed patriarch or an ine...

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Across the political spectrum those authorities derided Stone’s war-wary peacenik on grounds his “JFK” bore no resemblance whatsoever to the historical JFK. Behind a pacific façade, received wisdom had it, Kennedy was really a clanking Cold Warrior spoiling for a fight – in Southeast Asia, in Cuba and perhaps elsewhere. In the context of his treatment of Diem, Stone's critics placed JFK's occasionally fierce, if conflicted, rhetoric.

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As is well known, is about New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's interpretation of the 1963 Kennedy assassination. Using Garrison's quest for information as the spine of the story, the film ranges widely over American political history since the postwar era. There is a set-up sequence that goes from history lecture to the actual Kennedy assassination, followed by Garrison (Kevin Costner) learning of the crime and following up on local connections. Four years later, Garrison has occasion to re-open his case, and a firestorm of controversy erupts around him. His research and interviews lead to the prosecution of Clay Shaw, a prominent businessman. In the film's terms, Garrison loses the case, but he wins the moral high ground. From the outside Garrison's case looks absurd; Stone takes it seriously, and attempts to lay down an alternative history of American since 1945.

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A survey and analysis of viewer reaction to JFKdemonstrated that this film and others like it can produce "markedly alteredemotional states, belief changes spread across specific political issues,and ...

For the film “JFK”, what is Oliver Stone’s agenda

Filmed in a grainy semi-documentary style, with newsreels as well as amateur footage incorporated into it, "JFK" purports to reveal the actual truth about the Kennedy Assassination. From the moment it was released, its director Oliver Stone has so passionately defended its factual accuracy that he became, for all practical purposes, the new Garrison. What could be more appropriate in the age of media than a crusading film-maker replacing a crusading District Attorney as the symbol of the truth-finder in society? In this capacity, Oliver Stone-Garrison played out his case on television news programs, talk shows, magazines and the op- ed pages of news papers. He held his own press conferences, with his attractive researcher at his side, met with Congressional leaders, and he, as the original Garrison had done a quarter of a century before, used this public platform to focus attention on the possibility that the government was hiding the truth about the Kennedy Assassination. In exploiting this torment of secrecy, Stone proved far more successful than his predecessor in rousing interest in releasing the classified files pertaining to the assassination.

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